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the style of writing characteristic of some government officials: formal and obscure

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Schoolboy English (something which affronts Nigerian teachers of English who have read Tutuola) exists in Tutuola's language and so does officialese (Lindfors, 1980, p.
As a result, the state, whose mandate is to know everything about all respondents, paradoxically ends up knowing nothing about their real personhood, by bringing to bear the weight of officialese to depersonalize them and thus to affirm its own power.
kayasthoktivad eveyam krta smrtyai bhavisyatam (III 6ab) I composed this "River of Kings" in the style of [nothing but] officialese, (30) with the aim of committing [their lives] to the memory of future generations.
There has long been a need for a sustained analysis and deconstruction of the ways in which the various aspects of this seemingly endless conflict have been represented in the popular imagination, everyday conversation, visual images and officialese, and Sant Cassia's work represents a major step towards responding to this need.
To me, the early eighteen-hundred is 1802, perhaps, or 1803, but I'm gradually realising that in media-speak and officialese the phrase refers to any date from 1800 to around 1830, since "the eighteen-hundreds" now means the nineteenth century.
All the officialese from Cllr Margaret Lancaster, chairman of licensing and regulatory committee (Your Views, May 24), about experimenting until July, when the licence has to be renewed, was totally uncalled for, as was the appalling advice to continue logging cases of nuisance into the council's complaints machinery
GLARK - Understanding tech-speak, or officialese, as in "The manuals are poor, but you can glark the meaning.
Those outside this `favoured' 20 percent will be left to rot one way or another, and surely disappear -- war, disease, starvation (referred to in officialese as `sanctions'), massacres and genocide, are already well in evidence: witness Bosnia, Rwanda, Eritrea and the Sudan, Iraq, East Timor, and now, Kosovo and Serbia -- indeed, the list is endless.
The council is already receiving complaints from angry and bemused residents who cannot fathom the officialese.
Your rank bad decisions did, humbly aided and abetted by some shady or semi-shady, corrupt or uber-corrupt officials and officialese.
A notice posted outside a new town hall, which was to be opened by the Prince of Wales, showed officialese at its finest: "The town hall is closed until opening.
Jargon and officialese are still about," said David Smith, of the Plain English Campaign.
My wife,at the same time, received an unsolicited jumbo-sized package of officialese,forms etc.
Dressing it up in officialese like "lack of robust protocol" and "unclear accountabilities" doesn't fool anyone.