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the style of writing characteristic of some government officials: formal and obscure

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34) For a demonstration that Xenophon's wording belongs to the literary realm, in contrast to officialese ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) or colloquial usage ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), see Hagg 1971:32; Rife 2002:105-6.
I do, however, deeply object to the prospect of my bills going up generally because a clumsy new law will foist more Officialese Cymraeg on us all, doing the language no favours whatsoever in the process.
What is repeatedly missing in officialese accounts of what lies behind "disadvantage" is the very thing that everyone in such circles is usually quick to say needs proper recognition: Indigenous culture and society.
In the strange officialese they speak at Kirklees Council, this is known as the night-time economy.
He was released after what is known in US officialese as " secondary questioning".
Other officialese terms such as re-baselining, taxonomy and predictors of beaconicity have no clear definition in Scouse or any other language.
54) His junior planning officer and later successor, Nigel Ashton, said that Weekes used language that was difficult to understand: 'His style of English was very flowery and at least well away from officialese, but his meaning was not always immediately apparent'.
Officialese myriameter multirelation hasp outdent stockinet undiverted soberness proleukemia.
And their texts all too often seem damped down by the demands of officialese.
Schoolboy English (something which affronts Nigerian teachers of English who have read Tutuola) exists in Tutuola's language and so does officialese (Lindfors, 1980, p.
Exploring Arendt's analysis of Eichmann's bungling linguistic ineptitude in German officialese and also Arendt's misgivings about the official language of the trial (Hebrew), as well as the moral weight she imputed to the judges' knowledge of German, Rosen demonstrates that Arendt's alienation from English paradoxically turned English into "a universal language of the Holocaust" (p.
As a result, the state, whose mandate is to know everything about all respondents, paradoxically ends up knowing nothing about their real personhood, by bringing to bear the weight of officialese to depersonalize them and thus to affirm its own power.
kayasthoktivad eveyam krta smrtyai bhavisyatam (III 6ab) I composed this "River of Kings" in the style of [nothing but] officialese, (30) with the aim of committing [their lives] to the memory of future generations.
There has long been a need for a sustained analysis and deconstruction of the ways in which the various aspects of this seemingly endless conflict have been represented in the popular imagination, everyday conversation, visual images and officialese, and Sant Cassia's work represents a major step towards responding to this need.