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But we should never lose sight of the fact that the richness and beauty of the Welsh language has little to do with bureaucracy and officialdom and everything to do with the literature, music and poetry of Wales, spanning centuries.
According to a Dawn editorial, it is the kind of influence that the PML-N chief exerts in the world of politics and officialdom.
Alan Kriegsman wrote in The Washington Post, "Park officialdom asserted its duty to protect taxpayers from a grave moral trauma--the disgusting sight of a naked human breast.
SHEFFIELD UNITED are 1,000-1 to win the Premiership next season, but Blades boss Neil Warnock is a much shorter price to fall faul of officialdom in the top flight, writes Phil Agius.
I KNOW we live in a world where political correctness and petty officialdom have taken over, but I could scarcely believe my eyes last week when I read the headline "Man fined pounds 50 for putting litter in waste bin".
WHY is it that whenever there is a dry spell in this country, officialdom starts talking about standpipes and hosepipe bans ?
In his memoir, In My Brother's Shadow, he affirms the soixante-huitard antiauthoritarian ideals of nonconformity and skepticism toward officialdom, even if his own eventual break with the German Communist Party suggested that politics are less pure a realm than temperament.
The problem was (and is, even after 9/11) that despite all the hi-octane talk from officialdom about stepping up aviation security, very little effort was made to fix the outrageous failures that were an open invitation to terrorists and a virtual guarantee of future catastrophe.
Which begs the question: Just when will officialdom learn its lesson and thoroughly check people's backgrounds?
All official business involves the same struggles with uncooperative officialdom, my hosts explain.
Several of us have been up and down the ladder of officialdom several times, only to receive nothing but lip service.
He notes that the group was warning people about the dangers of depleted uranium and other activities at Nuclear Metals for decades before anyone in officialdom gave them any credence.
In the worst case scenario, this reduces reporting to a transcription of official pronouncements, transforming the Fourth Estate from a public watchdog over officialdom into a transmission belt for the official version of reality.
Three years later, MK is still here, still run by the Sadao clan, and still battling officialdom in its quest to transform the public's perception of the nation's taxi drivers.
Beatas, mystics, athletes of asceticism, "living saints," reforming abbesses, and charitable congregations all incurred suspicion and sometimes outright suppression by church officialdom, prompted in part by the hierarchy's determination to regularize and control religious practice, but more intensely by a blend of misogyny and anxiety over women s influence.