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Synonyms for officeholder

someone who is appointed or elected to an office and who holds a position of trust

the official who holds an office

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According to SDSM, defining what public appearance is and whether for abuse of state resources officeholders should be jailed or just fined were the two items over which VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM had not been able to reach an agreement so the modifications to the election law could be passed with consensus, Dnevnik reports.
Access to a purely personal Facebook page can probably be restricted to a few real friends, but the officeholder needs to be very cautious that the "friends" and the talk on that page are indeed personal and not political.
Indeed, several federal officeholders and candidates have already found the site and signed the pledge.
Officeholder accounts are supposed to pay for constituent services.
By relieving the officeholder of the burden of paying the expense, he also avoids the Sec.
City law allows elected officials to use their officeholder accounts to hire consultants and do research and polling, but not in the year leading up to a re-election campaign.
A paper ballot of the NFU Council - the organisation's governing body - will be held to elect the officeholders after the NFU Annual Conference and AGM in Birmingham on Tuesday, February 17.
As for the governing body of this crioulo sodality, whereas no limitation was placed on slave status or ethnicity, race or gender, all officeholders had to be crioulos.
There was a large segment of partisan politicos who seriously wanted to impeach the president over sex, but no one is entertaining the idea of impeaching the current officeholder over the senseless deaths of 3,063 men and women.
His election yesterday makes him the city's first openly gay officeholder, and the second in Virginia.
In a second component of the complaint, ARMPAC appears to qualify as a "related entity" to TRMPAC under IRS regulations, since the groups share a principal officeholder, but ARMPAC has not declared any such relationship in its IRS filings.
The city Ethics Commission has attempted to limit the incumbent advantage by prohibiting council members from sending out city-funded mailers or spending money from officeholder accounts close to the election.
Expenses are being paid through his officeholder account.
O'Connor's that while obviously every abortion is morally wrong, that if a candidate or an officeholder .
Special interests bankrolling a November ballot measure to give Los Angeles City Council members an extra four-year term have also contributed $129,000 to council members' political campaigns and officeholder accounts, according to city Ethics Commission records.