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a young man who is employed to do odd jobs in a business office

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Office Girls - from left to right: Kortni Turner, Shereece Foster, |Chelsea Greene, Michelle Grimes and Radha Patel
But I had already been offered the opportunity to present Office Girls which I was committed to.
And the office girls whose only bewildered response to a world of chatter-less solitude is to have a fit of giggles.
For similar reasons many marketing teams discover that offers of free samples can be a surprisingly effective way of hooking potential customers, especially appreciated by office girls on a fairly tight budget, for example.
The four smartly-attired office girls relaxing in the long-lost Coronation Gardens, in April, 1960 (Daily Post, July 21), caught the eye of Mrs Winifred Allen, of Bebington, who says she can remember "when seeing such well-dressed women of all ages was the norm in Liverpool" and plaintively adds: "Have we actually progressed in such matters?
On the website, the artwork is fully captioned and organized in three sections: HF Office Girls, HF Party Girls, and HF Show Girls.
but various illusions of belonging fall with equal noise and regularity how could they know, the office girls as well "fancy falling for him .
Board chairman Lord Jack Brooks was among the speakers, while Lynne Conway and the head office girls made sure everything ran as close to clockwork as possible.
I was sitting in the cafeteria with the other office girls talking about the guys in the corner looking us over,'' Charlotte said of their first meeting.
The subject has been foremost in my political notebook since I first hired two Vocational Education Office girls in 1974, just 10 years after I graduated from a public Texas high school.
Model Tiffany-Rose Davies, who has been living as a woman since the age of 17, said she felt "devastated and humiliated" following her experience at an audition for Office Girls at the Box Office, on Dale End, Birmingham city centre.
She is now concentrating on launching a competition to find the UK's best new female singers in Office Girls, which has been launched by the management team behind pop queen Lady Gaga.
Despite ringing the bell and getting confirmation that they would send someone down to see us, they didn't, but as soon as we left and were turning the corner, they sent the office girls and security guard out to remove the balloons tied to the railings.
The office girls would come and empty the tills a few times each day, stuffing the notes in a cloth money bag (can you remember, Tina).
Yesterday Royal British Legion veterans stood side by side with relatives of the dead, office girls, shopworkers, the young and the old as the two hearses, led by a police escort, continued up the High Street.
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