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Synonyms for offhandedly

without previous thought or preparation

in a casually inconsiderate manner

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Caption: Firing the Aptus offhandedly at 50 yards at hanging plates.
It was thus a rather odd announcement, made offhandedly by the oil minister with no formal press release and no story carried by the Oil Ministry's own news service.
Prophet offhandedly came up with the lyrics "I hear the record crackle/The needle skips and jumps," and Lipschutz responded with "Bobby Fuller died for you sins." It was spontaneous combustion.
Accusations of sexism within anti-fascism are dismissed offhandedly, by pointing out that 'two women' were involved in physically opposing fascists in the East Midlands, in addition to women's special ability to gather intelligence 'by wandering into pubs, dressed up for a night out' (p276).
King's campaign said the tweet went out after King offhandedly mentioned the encounter in an interview.
IN his victory speech after his re-election in 2012, President Barack Obama offered special thanks to those Americans who had stood in long lines to vote " some of whom were still waiting even as he spoke " and then offhandedly added,"by the way, we have to fix that."
I was chatting with Debajyoti Rati, a professor in the department of design at Texas Tech University, at an industry event several months ago, when he offhandedly mentioned how recent research seemed to suggest that decentralized nurses' stations may not be everything they're cracked up to be.
BROOKLYN MUSEUM * February 13-May 24 * Curated by Eugenie Tsai In last year's PBS documentary Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace, one of the artist's associates offhandedly introduces him to a stranger in New York as "the black Andy Warhol." Not only has Wiley's work become singularly recognizable (since emerging in the early 2000s), but the artist also shares with the King of Pop an utter reliance on the charismatic, glimmering stars of the street.
Culpepper said offhandedly that he did not believe I-502 conflicts with federal law, but he did not reach that question in his ruling.
"I'll find her again." This he offered easily, offhandedly, as if he were unconcerned.
In the first chapter, as a hundred-year-old Eli rambles only half-intelligibly, not only does he offhandedly say, "Should my son appear, I would prefer not to suffer his smile of victory.
For instance, on this album's opening track, "Banks of the Ohio," we meet a Willie who offhandedly tells how he "throwed" his lover "in to drown" and "watched her as she floated down."
"Salter can tell a good joke and an interesting story but his style is anecdotal rather than dramatic, which means that the novel feels haphazard; the writer arbitrarily and offhandedly enters and leaves the minds of his minor and major characters.
In a conversation about ashtrays he offhandedly mentions that his house in Mustique was bought from David Bowie - while explaining that he still leaves them (ashtrays) scattered about his homes so as not to deter other people from smoking because of his cancer "you can't get holier than thou about it".
The whimsical word-play flows from a tap-dance of prankish internet-styled banter which is borderline silly but nonetheless very engaging in an offhandedly smart way.