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Synonyms for offhand

Synonyms for offhand

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for offhand

with little or no preparation or forethought

casually thoughtless or inconsiderate


Related Words

without previous thought or preparation

in a casually inconsiderate manner

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Today two basic types are available: light, short, collapsible sticks held together by elastic cords, used for sitting and kneeling; and heavier telescoping sticks used for anything from sitting to offhand.
Critics must look at at the merits of the new proposal rather than dismiss it offhand.
The writer used the word "cast" in an offhand way; there was no acknowledgement of the metalcasting process.
You may be holding the crossbow like a rifle in the offhand position, but it does not make the device any steadier than a vertical bow.
One said: "It's a foolish story marred by a strange blend of overacting and bland, offhand performances.
Offhand, we can't think of any practical reason to fold any paper more than once or twice, whether it's stuffing a newspaper into a reading rack or wrapping a sandwich.
The Duchess made a number of offhand, self-deprecating remarks during the event without directly saying anything about the recent scandal.
Will they be just as offhand with fans like myself when they get into the Premiership?
Halima Aziz was suspended from work by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) following the offhand remark weeks after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the United States.
Along with startling descriptions of ancient cures involving red-hot pokers, here we find hilarious offhand observations (never return "mortified parts" loose to the belly in hernia operations, for example) and flecks of true wisdom ("for every problem there is one solution which is simple, neat and wrong," according to Mencken).
It is a sad commentary on modern standards that Liverpool JMU has chosen to discard its trustees in such an offhand manner and showed such apparent disdain for people of the stature of Aldham Robarts and Rex Makin who have given somuch time, goodwill, credibility and money to the university in the past.
Turner should be held to account for his offhand slur.
A few offhand comments by reviewers attempting to be funny could have damaging consequences to otherwise fantastic restaurants.
We might be stunned to discover that the same attitudes, thoughts and mindless offhand but ugly comments as these are actually part of us too.
Experts say an eating disorder's triggers may range from a major trauma like sexual abuse to an offhand remark about her figure that the subject magnifies to the point of obsession.