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Synonyms for offensively

in an unpleasantly offensive manner

in an obnoxious manner

in an aggressive manner


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It was rumoured that he had purposely waited for the solemn occasion of a large evening party at the house of his future bride, at which he was introduced to several eminent persons, in order publicly to make known his ideas and opinions, and thereby insult the "big-wigs," and to throw over his bride as offensively as possible; and that, resisting the servants who were told off to turn him out of the house, he had seized and thrown down a magnificent china vase.
The water deserved its name, for besides being saline it was most offensively putrid and bitter; so that we could not force ourselves to drink either tea or mate.
I hate to be poor, and we are degradingly poor, offensively poor, miserably poor, beastly poor.
The obvious suggestion was, that the mottled- faced gentleman, being anxious for a song, should sing it himself; but this the mottled-faced gentleman sturdily, and somewhat offensively, declined to do.
At first she was made much of, in an offensively patronising manner.
DU QUOIN - The Indians put on a show Friday night with eight players contributing offensively to a 60-42 win over the Sparta Bulldogs.
Paras, though, still couldn't hide his frustrations after being a non-factor offensively for the Titans, leaving most of the scoring responsibilities to newcomers Michael Canete and Kris Porter.
The other situation is, we are not finding our rhythm offensively.
The Ducks (16-2) rebounded from a 3-0 loss against top-ranked Florida on Friday, thanks in part to Costa's efforts offensively.
We have not been in the best form lately but I felt offensively we moved the ball well and we rebounded excellently.
was led offensively by Brady Connelly's 12 points and Lance Benoit's key rebounding in the second half.
Simi Valley (18-7, 9-4) cut the deficit to two points after a Michael Meza layup with 6:06 left in the second quarter, but the Pioneers struggled offensively from that point, failing to score over the next 5:45.
Prior to this rule change, risk averse coaches were reluctant to adopt offensively aggressive strategies during overtime.