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It is simply not possible to prevent a person with a sinister agenda from undertaking offensive activity anywhere on the Internet where people can post content.
According to rules and regulations adopted by the selectmen to allow them to act as a licensing authority for adult entertainment in town, the new zoning district was necessary to guard the town against what it described as the increased likelihood of criminal and other offensive activity as a result of the new establishments.
I am pleased that the court has made sure Lamb will no longer be at liberty to pursue this type of offensive activity.
There's also a general prohibition against "noxious or offensive activity .
The publicity was helpful in republishing and reaffirming the opposition of Catholics to the farcical and offensive activity of the sodomites.
Diversity, offensive activity and corrective actions also are discussed, as well as a table format of statistics regarding female and ethnic minority employees.
The employer should have a strong well-articulated policy concerning sexually offensive activity.