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offending against or breaking a law or rule


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They have connections to the community, have kids - those things stop people offending.
An "extraordinary" amount of money is spent on prison places for low-level criminals in England and Wales, deW pite the jail terms often failing to rehabilitate offenders, cut crime or protect victims, says the report, called Prisons and Prevention: Giving local areas the power to reduce offending.
In their narratives, they portrayed their offending and motivation for offending as situational and temporary.
I have recently published the Criminal Justice (Burglary of Dwellings) Bill 2015, which targets repeat burglary offenders through new measures relating to bail and the imposition of consecutive sentencing for repeat offending
Panels help young people to draw up a plan of activities so the offender can make amends for any harm caused by their behaviour, and support their education and employment with a view to preventing further offending.
Since the offending act is an exercise in power and control perpetrated by an anti-social, conduct-disordered, manipulative, deviant person, descriptors of the treatment of choice include confrontation, insistence on accountability for the offending behavior, a punitive rather than therapeutic orientation, and a focus on self-disclosure and the acquisition of strategies to prevent relapse" (Goocher, 1994, p.
Offenders can get into a cycle of crime and it's vital police and partners work to change this offending behaviour.
The issues contributing to offending are often complex.
Late onset offending and substance use; findings from the NYSFS.
The figures, relating to Youth Offending Teams in England and Wales, showed youth reoffending rates in the region rose by 9.
FHM Philippines have since replaced the offending cover with one of Padilla by herself, and without the original caption.
Of course, Husain is a great artist, said the so-called Sangh Parivar liberals, but should he not be more careful about offending Hindu sensibilities?
Sprott and Doob aim to use female juvenile offending as "a lens through which one can better observe, and thus, understand" the youth justice systems of the United States and Canada.
Hilton, whose real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, later removed the offending Twitter, though the photo remained posted on some sites with the word "censored" over the exposed area.
The scheme was created 'after a study revealed young people too easily fall through the gaps between Youth Offending services and the adult criminal justice system.