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Synonyms for offending

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offending against or breaking a law or rule


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Having committed one error in offending her, Moody committed another in attempting to make his peace with her.
I can have no intention of offending you, seeing that I am a total stranger to you and to Mr.
In your anxiety for Helen's happiness you would offend the whole of these Wilcoxes by asking one of your impetuous questions--not that one minds offending them.
Mugridge went down on the fore-hatch under three men; but he emerged from the mass like an eel, bleeding at the mouth, the offending shirt ripped into tatters, and sprang for the main-rigging.
A heavy swivel-hook, baited with fat salt-pork, was dropped overside; and by the time I had compressed the severed veins and arteries, the sailors were singing and heaving in the offending monster.
In relation to the accommodation for homeless individuals section of this tendering opportunity; this service will be offered to homeless individual in Herefordshire who is single and over the age of 18 and/or has an offending history or is at risk of offending.
The city's Youth Offending Services is looking to recruit volunteers to sit on panels which aim to offer support to young people aged 10 to 17 who have been in trouble with the police.
It is clear that the social problems associated with offending and re-offending behaviour need addressing and the consultation paper appears to miss the most vital areas such as employment, housing and addiction problems.
Since the offending act is an exercise in power and control perpetrated by an anti-social, conduct-disordered, manipulative, deviant person, descriptors of the treatment of choice include confrontation, insistence on accountability for the offending behavior, a punitive rather than therapeutic orientation, and a focus on self-disclosure and the acquisition of strategies to prevent relapse" (Goocher, 1994, p.
Offenders can get into a cycle of crime and it's vital police and partners work to change this offending behaviour.
The issues contributing to offending are often complex.
Late onset offending and substance use; findings from the NYSFS.
The figures, relating to Youth Offending Teams in England and Wales, showed youth reoffending rates in the region rose by 9.
FHM Philippines have since replaced the offending cover with one of Padilla by herself, and without the original caption.