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Synonyms for offended

Synonyms for offended

hurt or upset


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Excuse me my Sophia for having thus unwillingly offended you--" replied I--and then changing the conversation, desired her to admire the noble Grandeur of the Elms which sheltered us from the Eastern Zephyr.
He has been so extremely ceremonious and stately of late, I can't imagine what it is all about, unless you have desperately offended him.
If he is offended, he can best tell you himself what it is about.
I am sure," said she, "I am very sorry if I have offended him.
Taking the floor on Wednesday, Pacquiao said he was offended by Trillanes' statement that like some of his colleagues, Lascanas did not also become a saint after his spiritual renewal.
Of course they won't ban the film it makes cinemas money but they don't mind Christians being offended seeing misuse of biblical texts, if by showing The Lords prayer led to a considerable financial gain would the cinema authorities be as eager to ban it's showing?
If someone is offended by the British flag then I wonder why they choose to live in this country.
They don't necessarily need to have knowingly offended me to warrant being offended in return.
Oh, and if people who offend against the Left are themselves offended by the Left, that doesn't count.
Of 3,761 offenders given community service orders or probation that year 1,543 (41%) - offended again within three years.
This view seemed to change fairly quickly in the early 1980s, however, when it was more widely recognized that many adults who offended sexually began offending sexually as adolescents (e.
However, as regards who is offended, may I suggest that all who are offended by the term Bongo Bongo land should contact UKIP, who should be able to give an apology and explain the phrase.
Although we consulted with Native American friends and Native American studies experts at the University of California, we realize now that we have offended people.
I have a simple answer to those who MIGHT be offended.
I have been reading a plethora of letters in the past several weeks about how everyone is offended by noisy kids, offended by inappropriate dress in malls, offended by bikinis at the pool (which by the way, if you go to a pool you will see people in swimming suits), offended by driving, offended by poor service, offended by loud music, offended by high fees, offended because Madonna was late, etc etc.