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Synonyms for offence

take offence


  • be offended
  • resent
  • be upset
  • be outraged
  • be put out
  • be miffed
  • be displeased
  • take umbrage
  • be disgruntled
  • be affronted
  • be piqued
  • take the needle
  • get riled
  • take the huff
  • go into a huff
  • be huffy

Synonyms for offence

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Detective Superintendent Paul Griffiths said: "This is a welcome development for the Operation Imperial investigation, which has been investigating allegations of slavery, forced labour, and other offences over a period of 30 years.
His offences include speeding in a 30mph zone and driving without insurance.
PEOPLE on bail committed an average of 10 offences a day in the West Midlands.
The number of traffic offences committed by Omani citizens stood at 68,399, just behind Saudi Arabian citizens, the worst offenders committing 199,681 offences.
The number of federal offences finalised in Australia's criminal courts increased by nine per cent in 2012-13, despite a four per cent decrease in the number of federal defendants, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures released today.
A CRIMINAL avoided jail despite having more than 300 offences to his name, it has been revealed.
CHANGES to the number of times jockeys can strike a horse with a whip after the last obstacle will not allow for different course characteristics, despite the review finding evidence of a significantly higher rate of whip offences at six tracks, writes Jon Lees.
April 23, 2001: Three offences of failing to ensure a child attends school.
End of year statistics revealed that overall crime plummeted by almost 11 per cent to 248,390 offences.
Section 319 is divided into two separate offences [subsections (1) and (2)].
Apologies for serious offences need time and cannot be dealt with immediately following the offence.
Criminal records checks even revealed four previous convictions for child sex offences, including one for a sex attack on a girl under 13, as well as three convictions for assaulting or neglecting a child.
All crime: an increase of 144 offences, to 4,452 during the year.
Male motorists were responsible for 88% of all driving offences that resulted in guilty findings in courts in England and Wales in 2002, says the Home Office.