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Synonyms for offence

take offence


  • be offended
  • resent
  • be upset
  • be outraged
  • be put out
  • be miffed
  • be displeased
  • take umbrage
  • be disgruntled
  • be affronted
  • be piqued
  • take the needle
  • get riled
  • take the huff
  • go into a huff
  • be huffy

Synonyms for offence

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Five men with links to the Telford area have appeared in court over historic child sex exploitation offences.
It was the third most prevalent offence, behind antisocial behaviour, which accounted for 196 of the total crimes, and violent or sexual offences, which again came out as the most common offence, at 388.
THE numbers of robbery, public order and drug-related offences committed by children have risen for the first time in years, official figures show.
The trial started in December last year but after hearing five prosecution witnesses, the court raised the question of whether the charge revealed a criminal offence the way it was phrased.
The neighbouring West Midlands region, which includes Coventry, fared much better drivers hit with more punishments than we may see decrease near future Banh in the rankings managing to keep out of the top 10 for each type of offence. Overall there were 62,226 offences recorded which is just 397 per 10,000 drivers.
The neighbouring West Midlands region, which includes Coventry, fared much better in the rankings managing to keep out of the top 10 for each type of offence
The scope of the offence is deliberately wide and applies to relevant bodies, defined as 'a body corporate or partnership'.
One criminal with 22 previous convictions for violence against the person, and a total of 53 previous convictions, was not jailed for the offence last year.
Hussain is charged with one offence of fraud by abuse of position and one offence of acquiring criminal property.
However, children under 10 can still commit an offence, and the offence will be recorded.
Police and prosecutors have come under pressure in recent months over the success of a number of sexual offence investigations, including Operation Yewtree, the Scotland Yard inquiry launched in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.
In Azerbaijan and Bahrain, 64 Pakistani prisoners are in different jails in offence of drug trafficking, fake currency, fraud and murder.
The review contained a variety of eyecatching statistics, including that 64 per cent of whip offences involved a horse finishing first or second and an almost perfect correlation between close finishes for placings and the likelihood of a whip offence.
* The nature and seriousness of the offence or alleged offence and its relevance to health practice;
He is charged with: three house burglaries; two attempted house burglaries; one burglary of a garage; two vehicle takings which were aggravated by dangerous driving and damaging the vehicle; one offence of taking a vehicle without the owner's consent and one offence of interfering with a vehicle.