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Synonyms for offence

take offence


  • be offended
  • resent
  • be upset
  • be outraged
  • be put out
  • be miffed
  • be displeased
  • take umbrage
  • be disgruntled
  • be affronted
  • be piqued
  • take the needle
  • get riled
  • take the huff
  • go into a huff
  • be huffy

Synonyms for offence

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The scope of the offence is deliberately wide and applies to relevant bodies, defined as 'a body corporate or partnership'.
FOUR men from Cardiff arrested last year as part of a multi-agency investigation into "modern day slavery" have been charged with a number of offences.
Details from The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) shows that a motorist from Lewisham has racked up an astounding 40 points for 12 offences despite never having held a full or even a provisional driving licence, according to information supplied by the DVLA.
PEOPLE on bail committed an average of 10 offences a day in the West Midlands.
A CRIMINAL avoided jail despite having more than 300 offences to his name, it has been revealed.
In Azerbaijan and Bahrain, 64 Pakistani prisoners are in different jails in offence of drug trafficking, fake currency, fraud and murder.
The review contained a variety of eyecatching statistics, including that 64 per cent of whip offences involved a horse finishing first or second and an almost perfect correlation between close finishes for placings and the likelihood of a whip offence.
September 18, 2006: One offence of failing to ensure a child attends school.
Moreover, to be convicted of a section 319(1) offence, there is no requirement, as there is in section 319(2), that the "incitement" be proven to have been "wilful": i.
But when the offence is significant between people, groups, or nations, one may only understand why an apology succeeds or fails by analyzing its four major components: the acknowledgement of the offence, the explanation, the expression of shame and remorse, and reparations.
According to the Foreign Ministry, 346 Pakistani prisoners are imprisoned in Afghanistan jails on offence of terrorism activities, talibanization, fake currency, murder, theft, fake NIC, drug, rape and illegal stay.
According to the Foreign Ministry 346 Pakistani prisoners are imprisoned in Afghanistan jails in offence of terrorism activities, Talibanization, fake currency, murder, theft, fake NIC, drug, rape and illegal stay.
While it is right ex-offenders are given every opportunity to get into employment and build new lives, most parents wouldn't want someone convicted of a sexual, violent or other serious offence having responsibility for their child in the classroom.