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Synonyms for off-white

a shade of white the color of bleached bones

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of something having a color tending toward white


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The bride's five-tiered vanilla cake with apricot filling was iced in off-white buttercream and adorned with filigree piping and fresh hydrangeas.
The ensemble was topped off with a long train and subtly embroidered off-white veil made from 20 meters of silk tulle, itself requiring 100 hours of labor.
Fleming's collection, showcasing mostly evening gowns, in the palette of whites, greys and off-whites, was inspired by the Broadway musicals of New York.
Remembering the off-white Victorian house, Mira is surprised to see a motley-colored home.
Whereas Meier's primary cladding unit is a square of white enamel, Piano clads his pavilions in vertical panels of aluminium with a matte, off-white finish that is almost soft grey in certain lights.
In general, the stones consist of white to off-white, to transparent, to translucent octahedral crystal shapes.
This deposit's full-color blend, he explained, ranges from off-white to bright grey.
These off-white or easily colorable compounds do not require predrying.
An off-white powder, they say it could be added to burgers, after some fat was removed.
The compound is a highly refined, off-white powder that is completely soluble in commonly used cosmetic solvents and is free of pesticides, executives said.
Daydream Painting: your smile after we kiss (Metra) hits a similar note, its slightly curved edges mirroring the window on the commuter train Brooks takes to work, its wan and slightly smoky off-white monochrome an evocation of a cloudy Chicago morning.
If the apartment home is painted white or off-white, a person's eyes might squint from the brightness as the walls play with the general lighting.
The alloys mold off-white, but can be readily pigmented as required.
Inside, to the right, is an Internet cafe with sterile, off-white computers.
Off-White Hollywood: American Culture and Ethnic Stardom.