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not covering the shoulders (especially in the case of a blouse or dress)

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The off-the-shoulder trend is a perfect example of a desired "wardrobe update" rather than a needed item- and it was no accident.
Lady in red Red off-the-shoulder top, PS14, George.
If you are short and petite, try to avoid heavy fabrics and go for something more delicate like a beautiful, netted princess style dress, shoestring straps or an off-the-shoulder, empire line dress.
Eva Longoria sported short bouncy curls and looked romantic and sweet in off-the-shoulder lavender and lace.
SINGER Myleene Klass lives up to her surname in this elegant off-the-shoulder number.
Sixties sex kitten Brigitte Bardot vamped it up on the screen in off-the-shoulder woollies.
until a pigeon decided my new off-the-shoulder pink shirt was a good place to "drop.
Cruz was so cold in her flimsy white silk off-the-shoulder gown that her boyfriend sacrificed the coat he was wearing and wrapped it around her shoulders.
Common attire for ladies includes short flare dresses and off-the-shoulder tops.
In a coexisting drawing-room scene, men in waistcoats and tights make slightly more civilized moves on women in off-the-shoulder dresses.
Like a chef with a favourite sauce, she has one dress that she returns to time after time - a traditionally-styled, off-the-shoulder little black number.
And Bonnie Hunt wore a simple off-the-shoulder blue gown with a gathered bust.
Step into the 80s with a black off-the-shoulder slit-sleeve top(pounds 16) or off-the-shoulder oriental-style graffiti top (pounds 25),both from Dorothy Perkins or silver lurex knit off-the-shoulder jumper (pounds 24.
A year after her first show under her own label was slated for being too revealing, Stella's off-the-shoulder looks and short shorts in white, grey and blues were subtle, romantic and tasteful.
JoBeth Williams, 55, looked lovely in an off-the-shoulder flowered dress, and proudly explained that her first self-portrait ``came out better than I thought