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(especially of clothing) made in standard sizes and available from merchandise in stock

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Unless the company has some amazingly unique scenario (that would not have been picked up by the thousands of off the shelf solutions) many companies can buy a suitable off-the-shelf solution that is the result of hundreds of thousands of man-hours of development and fine tuning.
If you take advantage of the `best practices' that are now inherent in Oracle Financials by changing your business processes to work within the commercial off-the-shelf solution," said DeCelles, "you avoid the pitfalls of concentrating your scarce human and financial resources on making software changes.
OpenClovis provides the premier open source, commercial off-the-shelf high availability and system management software for the telecommunications industry.
By re-engineering the daily operational brief with commercial off-the-shelf products, this tool decreases time previously required to assemble key information on command, control, and readiness systems," said Karen Meloy, Deputy Commander of the eBusiness Operations Office.
Part I of this two-part article describes the deductions for purchased off-the-shelf software, software modification costs and leased software.
Somewhere in between off-the-shelf and customized packages is what amounts to a combined approach.
AGI), the producer of commercial off-the-shelf software for integrated analysis of land, sea, air and space assets, today announced that under a new partnership agreement, AGI will license MEaK's VR-Link networking toolkit to create a High Level Architecture (HLA) and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) extension to the real-time capabilities of its core analysis software, STK.
The CM12 delivers 10,500 Btu/H of cooling in a compact, self-contained unit that mounts easily with standard, off-the-shelf hardware above a standard drop ceiling.
PERC Ultra is the ideal solution for embedded applications of high complexity, thanks to PERC Ultra's predictable performance and its extensive support of off-the-shelf J2SE libraries and components.
The SCOPE Alliance, an association of leading network equipment providers, today announced that Sun Microsystems, Wind River, GoAhead Software and Interphase have joined the Alliance committing to support SCOPE's mission of enabling and promoting the availability and interoperability of open Carrier Grade Base Platforms based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) building blocks.