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(especially of clothing) made in standard sizes and available from merchandise in stock

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Off-the-rack practices can rarely be imported directly.
The bottom line on this is that tailored blanks, like a tailored suit, fit the application much better than something off-the-rack (i.
Describing her personal style as ``having no rules -- from thrift to vintage to off-the-rack to couture'', she models her favourite Gap jeans (the new ultra low-rise) with key pieces from the new range, including a shrunken jacket and a sexy pink cardigan, to create a variety of looks.
Its shirts, identified by the man-with-the-eyepatch logo, became popular due to their tailor-made quality at off-the-rack prices.
A walk through the SoHo section of New York City might lead you to Epperson Studio, a retailer that specializes in made-to-measure clothing, along with a line of off-the-rack Epperson Basic that is influenced by styles from India, Africa and Asia.
And the off-the-rack dress from a warehouse discount store will probably cost you plenty of points in an interview at Revlon, the big cosmetics company, where style and flair is what the company sells in over 100 countries.
But generally speaking Transgressions is a bit too much like an off-the-rack flashback, like finding oneself at Woodstock '94: what was exciting and daring seems now mostly insipid or by the book, too many of the greats are missing, and one must sit uncomfortably through too much one would rather miss.
During the Cold War, the United States took on self-described "world responsibilities," and the simple ideological framework offered off-the-rack policies that could be applied anywhere in the world.
At the other extreme, off-the-rack enclosures fit as well as off-the-rack clothing does: they cover the controls but do not take into account the special attributes of the specific systems and environments in which they operate.
Standard off-the-rack equipment does not fit every player.
The startup company, based in San Francisco, CA, intends to disrupt the bridal market by providing affordable, made-to-measure dresses amidst an oversaturation of overpriced, off-the-rack selections.
Post-Hillsborough, fans have already had to see their historic stadia torn down and replaced with soulless off-the-rack facilities in the name of safety.
The similarity and the fact that the gown was custom-made for Kate - who mostly wears off-the-rack fashion - suggested that this was a deliberate tribute to Diana.
Flanked by three security guards holding massive umbrellas as she arrived, pregnant Katie, 34, walked down the aisle in an off-the-rack frock to a gospel choir, attended by a dozen bridesmaids with identikit fake tans and hair extensions.
If I can't get inhuman strength from off-the-rack steroids, then I'm gonna stick with hitting triples.