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(especially of clothing) made in standard sizes and available from merchandise in stock

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It refers to the 19 Old Etonians who have now become Prime Minister, even if the most recent one did have to wear off-the-peg clothes and visit terrible places, like northern England, to slip under the radar.
uk all sell off-the-peg covers, but check your dimensions first before buying.
Let's have some vision and lateral thinking in Cardiff and not go down the off-the-peg, same-as-everywhere- else route.
More than 40 girls from years 10 and 11 and sixth form, who are studying textiles, hit the catwalk with creations from 50s-style gowns to off-the-peg saris.
This latest project by Heikkinen & Komonen adds a clear architectural dimension to the off-the-peg house market.
On the other hand, one has to make do with an approximate size with off-the-peg suits, where one or a combination of longer arms, a bigger chest, stomach or shoulders are not adequately catered for.
But the kind of off-the-peg fame accorded to current British stars is not for Auerbach.
We don't NEED any more TV chefs with off-the-peg personalities and uncookable recipes.
BOASTING as wide a range of samples (Chris Rea, Junior and Musical Youth) and influences (from hip-hop to disco) as you'll find on any album not made by Norman Cook, Superfunk's album Hold Up is an off-the-peg dancefloor soundtrack just made for this summer's parties and barbecues.
Jim Green, Active chairman & CEO, sees the enterprise-wide move towards off-the-peg, packaged applications as one of the major drivers in the EAI business.
The move away from bespoke to off-the-peg products has resulted in cheaper and more readily available devices.
He is very keen to make his mark in the modern world of tailoring but open his doors to men with a wide range of budgets who want both bespoke tailoring and off-the-peg products.
They make off-the-peg and bespoke Regency-inspired and replica garments, selling to clients all over the world through their website www.
Players chose the off-the-peg "performance" outfit for its comfort and stretch.
This is yet another example of how off-the-peg sentences fail to match the severity of the crime.