off-speed pitch

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a baseball thrown with little velocity when the batter is expecting a fastball

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The assumption is that in the pitcher's zest to mix it up, he won't double up on an off-speed pitch.
So finally it came down to John Wallace working an 0-2 count to 3-2 before he lined an off-speed pitch into right-center field in the bottom of the 10th inning, sending Jason Ogata across home plate as the Beavers beat Stanford, 10-9, in a Pac-10 game at Goss Stadium.
After fouling off a 2-2 off-speed pitch, Saboe lofted an outside fastball that landed just inside the right-field foul line.
But now she has the rise ball, an off-speed pitch, a drop ball, curveball and screwball.
If, for example, they fly out on an off-speed pitch out of the strike zone, they will look for the same pitch in their next at-bat.
2 swung at an off-speed pitch out of the strike zone, which dropped into short right field for a single (non-quality at-bat).
They are all devastating, though her best is probably an off-speed pitch that breaks down and away from right-handed batters.
It was an off-speed pitch, and that is what I was expecting," said McJunkin, a left-handed-hitting first baseman.
Washburn said he had a great slider in the minor leagues, but a pitching coach advised him to develop a slower off-speed pitch to contrast with his fastball.
Brazoban still is an infant as a reliever, if a remarkable one, and he still is developing his off-speed pitch.
When the command of his off-speed pitch gets to be as good as the fastball and slider, then what you're getting is someone very similar to the guy who will eventually be pitching the ninth for us,'' Tracy said.
Accordio thought it might have been an off-speed pitch by Weston that was thrown at three-quarters delivery with plenty of movement, although nobody from either dugout was sure what to call it - curve, changeup or slurve.
But an off-speed pitch retired Kotsay on a grounder to first, and a first-and-second situation in the fifth ended when Mark Ellis struck out on a full-count changeup.