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the season when travel is least active and rates are lowest

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He said that off-season cotton management had showed good results last year and added that PCPA, CropLife, APTMA, PCGA and farming community were extending full support to government's cotton management plans.
However, the off-season vegetables could be grown easily and successfully in tunnels.
I just went into the off-season with the things I wanted to work on.
It is in the interest of Cotton grower to adopt off-season management strategy after last picking of cotton crop.
What we do is take on those off-season merchandise directly from the retailer and sell them through our own store.
He further informed that 52 training programmes were organized in Punjab province, where 2,162 farmers were informed about the off-season crop management.
Key words: Tomato, Off-Season, Production Cost, Net Income, BCR, Cobb-Douglas.
The Portuguese No 1, who faces the Scot in the next round, said: "My off-season was in Barcelona.
I think that's always really the case in the off-season," Murray said.
The off-season, when students are in school, is a prime season for reaching older travelers and to instigate that, Eurail has produced some deep discounts for off-season travel.
The big fruits of the off-season dragon fruit are showcased at the commercial section of Horticulture 2014.
All the off-season preparation you can think of won't prepare you for your first stalk on an August pronghorn or your first early season whitetail sit like an off-season hunt will.
In case of Pakistan, it can go up to USD 7-8 per kg, for factors like being off-season and taste.
That's why, starting this winter, North American Whitetail Television is doing more to reflect the serious deer enthusiast's off-season interests and activities.