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Synonyms for off-putting

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causing annoyance or repugnance

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tending to repel

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If that sounds more gross than exciting, rest assured that, judging from the diners' reactions as they nibbled, chewed, sucked and slurped down all those alleged uningestibles, the dishes' actual taste and texture weren't as off-putting and up-chuckable as initially imagined, or feared.
The plain-speaking and sometimes off-putting New Hampton state rep has twice tried to win election as the state GOP chairman and has twice been ignored, dismissed and marginalized--not necessarily in that order.
The trouble is the customers find it very off-putting.
Routes to the town centre via the A189 bridge are too far for walkers and off-putting for cyclists.
Kate Winslet (``Little Children''): Difficult role in an off-putting movie.
As a Roman Catholic and a Canadian, I found some of Jones' antipathy for Catholics and Canadians off-putting.
But the GfK NOP survey found both sexes considered that the crowds and the frenzy were most off-putting, and second worst thing about them was the mess left behind by fellow shoppers.
While the process parameter changes that CGI requires may seem rather off-putting, consider this: Woodruff says that by using CGI for an engine block the mass can be reduced by 22%.
Despite the high quality of much of the writing, this could have been a very dull and off-putting volume with so much crammed into one publication; but the exuberant graphic design and lavish illustrations make you want to read it--if not cover to cover then through frequent and rewarding excursions; 'The Book as a City', perhaps.
The title may be off-putting, but for a readable, user-friendly guide to the infamous 2002 legislation, it might be hard to do much better.
His cold-blooded utilitarianism is jarring at times, even off-putting, although he remains true to his nature.
CounterPULSE (formerly 848 Community Space), which has nurtured low-income and emerging artists for more than a decade, offered an epic lineup that included AXIS Dance Company, whose "physically integrated dance" features performers with and without disabilities and employs the wheelchair as an instrument of aesthetic discovery, and Circo Zero, the protest circus company that fuses urban sensibility with pop spectacle for delightfully off-putting results.
Some analysts warned however that the high book price on the shares may be slightly off-putting due to the range of options for airline investors.
By that I mean anything but flirting or wearing low-cut tops or short skirts, any of which can be juvenile, off-putting and counter-productive.
I also think that the name Think Tank is off-putting as well as poorsignposting for cars from the Digbeth area and why not give a discount on entry to Think Tank/ IMAX on production of the parking ticket?