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Synonyms for off-licence

offie or offy

Synonyms for off-licence

a store that sells alcoholic beverages for consumption elsewhere

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A few moments later he saw the same man wielding what he believes was a samurai sword at staff in the off-licence next door.
He adds: "Cur-rently there is a small off-licence store with a Post Office and external ATM, with one apartment over.
If a smaller size is required, one cannot purchase this from an off-licence without also buying a whole bottle of the same or another kind of spirit.
Other concerns raised by environmental health officers include: | That while the off-licence would be in a row of shops - where there are two other off-licences - none of the other retailers currently have a late night licence.
Officers make regular checks on pubs, bars and off-licences to make sure their staff are aware of the licensing regulations and their responsibilities to the public.
A licensing hearing had been due to take place today for an application for an off-licence on Thorntree Drive in Newcastle.
Mr Husseini told the licensing committee the application was submitted for a licence for a restaurant but he had now changed his mind and wanted an off-licence for a mini market.
Dear Editor, It is really scarcely surprising that research by Alcohol Concern suggests there is a close link between the number of off-licences in an area and the number of underage drinkers admitted to hospital after drinking.
Mr Thomas pointed out that there was already an off-licence next door and in the 13 years since he had been in business there he had suffered continual vandalism and anti-social behaviour, and often had to clear vomit and urine from his doorway.
Up to half of the 1,400-strong Threshers store estate could be bought by independent off-licences, it has been claimed.
I think it's time to put alcohol back in the pubs and off-licences where it belongs, and hopefully help our publicans as well.
Earlier this week his alleged accomplice, Michael Garry, 27, pleaded guilty to robbery at an off-licence in the city in October 2006.
AN ARMED robber who raided the same off-licence three times was jailed for six years yesterday.
Mary Harney, Tanaiste aka first minister, used a state owned aircraft for a round-trip to Sligo so she could officially open a friend's off-licence.
The National Off-Licence Association has called on the Coalition to cut levies.