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the process of interacting with gas

the deliberate act of poisoning some person or animal with gas

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Off-gassing diminishes over time, so buying older furniture can be better.
"Air the furniture out--there's no other artificial way to accelerate off-gassing," Reardon explains.
This releasing process is called off-gassing and involves the evaporation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like formaldehyde, in nonmetallic materials at normal atmospheric pressure.
In combination with existing air conditioning, spectrally selective window film can reduce ambient heat, off-gassing, and mold formation while not increasing energy costs.
For instance, Walker explains that after she felt poisoned from the chemicals off-gassing from the conventional silk that had been in her bedroom, she flew to Asia to learn how to prepare the fabric in toxin-free, traditional ways for her new line.
Muscle and fat content, among a great many other factors, influence the speed of off-gassing inert gas (nitrogen) from the body's tissues.
Ophir says ethane is the primary trace gas of interest for liquid pipeline leak detection due to its off-gassing properties in cold climates such as Alaska.
For more information, read the November issue of BUILDINGS, which will examine off-gassing of formaldehyde and other chemicals.
[right arrow] Gas fumes [right arrow] Pesticides [right arrow] Off-gassing of plastics [right arrow] Growth hormones in chicken and beef (therefore also in eggs, cheese, milk and butter.) [right arrow] Spermicides [right arrow] Residue from household soap; like laundry and dish detergent
Today's indoor building management challenge includes dealing with high indoor temperatures, stale, under-ventilated and circulated air, moisture and mold growth, off-gassing of furniture and building components and the impact of such conditions on the productivity and health of building occupants.
Instead, Baltix dries products with an ultraviolet process that prevents off-gassing.