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low-budget theaters located outside the Broadway area in Manhattan

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The move declared gives the Shubert Organization more flexibility as it shepherds shows to off-Broadway or readies them for Broadway homes.
She returns this month to direct and choreograph the 1978 off-Broadway hit I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking It On the Road for Encores
The following year, the actor directed the off-Broadway play "Things We Want," leading Adam Sternbergh of (http://nymag.
Think of it--credit listings, plot summaries, descriptions, and critical reviews of 381 Off-Broadway musicals, year by year, decade by decade, from 1919 through 2009.
Crowe was a producer or associate producer on numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway productions in the 1970s and 1980s.
This is where Broadway theatres and Off-Broadway meet on 42nd Street.
Formerly known as the "Way Off-Broadway Theatre Workshop," this innovative theatre company admits youth aged seven to seventeen.
Yvette Freeman is stunning in Dinah Was, the off-Broadway play that is her brainchild, written by Oliver Goldstick and directed by Gordon Hunt Joined by members of the original off-Broadway cast, she will perform the musical biography of blues singer Dinah Washington for LA Theatre Works' live radio theater series, May 8-12, at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles For reservations, call 310-827-0889 --S.
For the next decade, Ed Bullins would become one of the most powerful and controversial voices on the off-Broadway stage.
Off-Broadway plays, usually produced on low budgets in small theaters, have tended to be freer in style and more imaginative than those on Broadway.
Since its premiere in 2000, The Gospel of John's 400 performances have included a six-week off-Broadway run at New York City's historic Lamb's Theatre (2003) and theater runs in Washington D.
But I somehow failed to excavate the important factoid that Rothschild & Sons, a new, one-act adaptation of The Rothschilds, Harnick's 1970 musical about the famed Jewish banking family, will premiere Off-Broadway at the York Theater in October.
Overall, the influence of cinema was less powerful with Off-Broadway productions and non-musicals.
Somebody breaks a foot and a high-profile show postpones its opening, so a producer decides to fill the newly available theater with his off-Broadway smash; or an out-of-town tryout gets withering reviews and goes back to the drawing board, so the star proceeds with a revival that had been scheduled for the following season.