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Synonyms for wagon

van used by police to transport prisoners

a group of seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major

a child's four-wheeled toy cart sometimes used for coasting

Related Words

a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat

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As he tries to use that however to justify his drinking again, Chloe will refuse to let him off the hook, as she knows how hard he worked to change his ways after he went off the wagon the last time, and she won't let him continue jeopardizing his future.
Then Terence falls off the wagon and has a fight in the Woolpack with Adam, before confessing his sins, knocking Turner out and stealing his cheque for pounds 20,000.
Instead of paying for rehab it should be free, then if they fall off the wagon it's their look out.
But the troubled star fell off the wagon for the fifth time over the past 10 years and went into rehab.
I just went off the wagon a little," Beador said, before adding, "I'm the one that put the stuff in my mouth.
According to the Mirror, the former football ace, who nearly died in rehab earlier this year, is in agony after falling off the wagon several times over the past few months.
Annabel Atkins, Norwich THE phrase - and its flipside of falling off the wagon - can allude to any number of vices, although it usually refers to attempts to give up alcohol.
MORE than nine in 10 dieters will have fallen off the wagon over the weekend, a survey claims.
After falling off the wagon spectacularly, Brian (Alun Armstrong) has been forced to check in by wife Esther (Susan Jameson).
Last year when I tried not drinking during Lent, I ended up falling off the wagon at the first hurdle - a meal out with friends.
It's a slippery slope and once off the wagon, Phil later starts hitting the scotch at The Albert.
The "High School Musical" star has allegedly fallen off the wagon again amid reports that he was attacked in downtown Los Angeles.
The ex-Newcastle United, Spurs and Rangers star fell off the wagon in July and was fined 1,000 pounds for a drunken assault on a train guard, the report said.