off the hook

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freed from danger or blame or obligation

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"So uulitin ko po she's not off the hook. Ongoing po ang deportation proceedings.
Club, Arc, Stockton, Fri Jan 30, tickets PS11/PS13 box office 01642 525 199 or Dylan Moran: Off The Hook, Middlesbrough Town Hall, Fri April.
The trailer was not hitched properly to the vehicle, which made it to come off the hook and overturn on the busy road.
Bretta Adlen, Webpoint phone room manager, said "The phones were ringing off the hook because of all of the great prizes we had on offer.
THE Government should not be let off the hook if train-builder Bombardier wins enough orders to secure the future of its UK plant for the next few years, say union leaders.
But geologists have let one such historical landslide off the hook for an abrupt warming that took place 8,200 years ago.
He added, 'In so far as that is a reflection of the step in progress of getting the taxpayer off the hook, I would see that as an entirely benign development.
Residents whose rear lot lines abut a city street or highway are off the hook for now, while the City Council - wisely, we feel - re-examines that part of its ordinance.
helikaon jjDallas should have beaten Denver last week but let the Broncos off the hook in the second half.
Off The Hook is the latest comedy offering from Coventry Stagecraft and features a city-wide cast.
SUNDERLAND boss Ricky Sbragia admitted his side had got blundering ref Rob Styles off the hook with late goals from Kenwyne Jones and David Healy.
BLACKBURN 2 BOLTON 2: Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce felt referee Mike Dean let Bolton off the hook for failing to dismiss Jussi Jaaskelainen.
Sandy Buchanan's phone rang off the hook all day on Thursday and Friday, the 12th and 13th of October.
Written by Alexander Taylor (professor emeritus, Eastern Connecticut State University), Dreaming at the Gates of Fury: New & Selected Poems is a collection of brief, free-verse poetry that expresses modern perspectives on everything from politics ("President Regan's Song") to ordinary day-to-day life ("I Set the Phone Off the Hook") to philosophical mysteries ("Dark Matter").
If the tenant delivers vacant possession of the space to the landlord, then these individuals are personally off the hook, except to the extent of their obligations through the date of delivery of possession.