off his guard

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I tried to simulate an expression of cringing servility, and I must have succeeded, for I entirely threw the man off his guard, so that he permitted me to approach within reach of his rifle before stopping me.
The pop queen managed to throw the Lebanese singer off his guard when she invited a small group, including Tony Saba himself, to the studio for a special birthday soiree.
Midfielder Pirlo's attempted pass out of defence went straight to Bastian Schweinsteiger who found Alaba and the Austrian's slight deflected shot from distance caught Buffon off his guard and out of position.
Come heat nine the revival began with Michal Makovsky catching Doolan completely off his guard as he passed him off bend two of the opening lap in a 4-2, while the 10th brought the house down courtesy of a stunning race from Andersen.
Britannia were fully aware of the situation and they actually shot from the kick-off, hoping to catch goalkeeper McKinley off his guard.