off his guard

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What, if she was waiting to throw him off his guard, and escape from him at the first opportunity?
Thus Rivera, feigning, caught him off his guard, lashing out a clean drive to the mouth.
In the first moment of surprise, and possibly of alarm, Ralph rose from his seat, and fell back a few paces, quite taken off his guard by this unexpected apparition.
Rescuing his rope, Tarzan returned to his tree and resumed his labor; but thereafter it was necessary to watch carefully the playful balu, who was now possessed to steal it whenever he thought his great, smooth-skinned cousin was momentarily off his guard.
Obviously, he would no longer be the man that he had been in the strict training before the fight; never, as I gathered, was such a ruffian more off his guard, or less capable of protecting himself and his possessions, than in these first hours of relaxation and inevitable debauchery for which Raffles had waited with characteristic foresight.
So sudden was the assault and so surprising the strength of the Wieroo that the Englishman was taken completely off his guard.
As long as I might be thought to be pursuing him, the criminal would be off his guard.
You are aware," breathed out Councillor Mikulin, making the point softly, as if with discretion, but making it nevertheless plainly enough, as if he too were put off his guard by Razumov's remark.
But Theseus by this time had leaped up, and caught the monster off his guard.
Two of the necessities to be met, before she could take a single step in advance, were plainly present to her -- the necessity of knowing more of her father's brother than she knew now; and the necessity of throwing him off his guard by concealing herself personally during the process of inquiry.