off her guard

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I was not the less resolved, however, to make another effort to throw her off her guard.
That was a ruse to put the pensioner off her guard and, when she had given them directions, one of them put a necklace round her neck.
London, May 10 ( ANI ): Natasha Giggs has told her fans that she was forced to call off her guard dog when he attacked two men as they climbed over her fence in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
The second-half started lively with both sides opening up chances with Cardiff strikers Zoe Atkins and Bethan Lloyd looking menacing going forward, and Leicester's midfielder Erica Kilby tried a couple of long range efforts to try and catch Nokes off her guard.
SUPER-smooth Chico catches Glenda Gilson off her guard over the weekend - by planting a smacker on the TV presenter's cheek.