of unsound mind

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not of sound mind, memory, or understanding

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Then the finest minds in Victorian medicine were called as witnesses, and all told the same tale, that Oxford was of unsound mind.
When we mentioned Spanish and Portuguese euros we were thought to be really of unsound mind.
When we mentioned Spanish and Portuguese currency we were thought to be really of unsound mind.
When they looked back, however, they observed the hugger down on his hands and knees in a posture that the Item reported "only a person of unsound mind would assume.
The romance did not last though as Rodman filed for divorce just over a week later, claiming he was of unsound mind when he married the Baywatch actress.
The evidence presented is relevant and eye-catching on some occasions, such as the labourers' demand for sewing machines to take home, the hundred indigenous Australians and white women who were married to labourers in 1906, or the unnamed labourer who wanted repeatedly to leap overboard and who had a case of unsound mind dismissed in the Maryborough court.
Abdi killed his wife five years ago but was spared prison when he was ruled to be of unsound mind.
However, the court emphasized, in the wake of the statute's passage, a question arose as to whether it left open an implied exception for minors and persons of unsound mind, in accordance with the long-standing disability tolling statute which provides in pertinent part: "If the person entitled to commence an action is, at the time the cause of action accrued, either within the age of eighteen (18) years, or of unsound mind, such person, or such person's representatives.
The family of our client's dying partner used his compromised condition to try and overturn a lawfully executive will," Bradshaw continued, having argued that the man's psychiatric disorder, weakened state, and high doses of morphine show that decedent was of unsound mind and susceptible to undue influence at the time his siblings attempted to execute a new trust which, in effect, would have dis-inherited the man's domestic partner.
He is evidently of unsound mind and if he has friends in the county they should see to the case.