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Another point to make when it comes to universality of late modernity is how individualization is treated as a universal phenomenon while late modernity remains as a concept specific to Western societies.
Included in this literature review were qualitative and/or quantitative investigations at colleges and universities of one or more of the following aspects of late registration: frequency of occurrence of late registration; characteristics of students who register late; reasons students register late; student, faculty, staff, and administrator attitudes toward late registration; and associations between late registration behavior and academic performance.
Mr Wood said: "It's the smallest companies that bear the brunt of late payment.
The Medici, Michelangelo, and the Art of Late Renaissance Florence: Catalogue of the Exhibition Magnificenza
economic news of the past several months continues, the cost of late 1990s excesses will turn out to have been remarkably small.
The Sheridan youngster, appropriately, is a son of Late Late Show and Mossley Jo whelped in September 02.
Sixty-five percent of late testers were tested for HIV because of illness; among early testers, 29% were tested because of self-perceived risk and 19% because they wanted to know their HIV status.
In the working-class saloons that lined the roughest sections of late nineteenth-century Chicago, refusing a man's treat violated rules of plebeian sociability and thus frequently triggered brawls.
New legislation is failing to stem the rising tide of late payments experienced by small businesses in the Midlands.
They will be enthusiastically welcomed only if we first connect the problems and solutions they address to the financial mindset of late adulthood, and the real-world emotional, sociological and philosophical issues, fears, and concerns our seniors are facing.
97-48's and 98-55's automatic change provisions cover seven types of late S election problems.
KJ: At a panel discussion after one screening of Late August, Early September, you remarked that you allowed the actors a lot of freedom, and Mathieu Amalric [who plays Gabriel] responded that on the other hand the writing was so precise he found everything he needed in the screenplay.
Advantages of late inoculation include virtual elimination of fading and significant reduction of inoculant addition rates.
The percentage of late patients during the month of March was approximately 21 percent.
In short, the volume offers a rich "harvest" of some of the best work on the frontiers of late medieval and early modern studies, including the essays I have lacked the space to mention in this short review.