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the total output of a writer or artist (or a substantial part of it)

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Reuter sat silent a moment; some novel movements were evidently working in her mind, and they showed their nature on her astute brow; she was meditating some CHEF D'OEUVRE of policy.
Bougainville has well remarked concerning these people, that they treat the "chefs d'oeuvre de l'industrie humaine, comme ils traitent les loix de la nature et ses phenomenes."
Tulliver, whose mind was actively engaged on the possibility of getting a humble imitation of this chef-d'oeuvre made from a piece of silk she had at home.
"'L'homme c'est rien--l'oeuvre c'est tout,' as Gustave Flaubert wrote to George Sand."
Pas moins de 8000 oeuvres d'art, peintures, sculptures, livres anciens, moulages et autre mobilier constituent la collection de cet imposant musee de style art-deco concu en quatre etages et ouvert en 1930 par les autorites coloniale francaise en celebration du "centenaire de la prise d'Alger".
telles sont les nouvelles oeuvres de l'artiste peintre Mohamed Mourabiti accrochees a Abla Ababou Galerie.
Selon lui, il a adopte le style surrealiste, dans ses oeuvres, alors qu'il s'agit de sa deuxieme exposition sur la revolution.
Des oeuvres marquantes ont ete publiees ainsi que de nombreux travaux, recherches et etudes qui ont profondement transforme la connaissance de la litterature quebecoise.
Pierre Retat, in his introduction to this volume, sets out the various changes in editions of the Oeuvres diverses of Montesquieu since the first collection of his Oeuvres completes by Lefevre in 1816.
En juin 1826, dans la "Preface generale" de ses OEuvres completes, il revele l'existence de ses Memoires, et propose de considerer ses autres oeuvres "comme les preuves et les pieces justificatives" de ses Memoires.
Most pictures by early modern women were painted for private collectors, and many privately owned works have disappeared, resulting in extant oeuvres that are either greatly diminished, as with Artemisia's, or entirely unknown today.
l'AARC, dans son communique, precise egalement que les oeuvres presentees doivent etre inedites, et limite la participation a une oeuvre par auteur.