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1995) of non-metric, odontological characteristics of the teeth (belonging to the so-called epigenetic variants, or 'discreta'), it appears that Talheim was a homogeneous and isolated population.
Artimplant is a biomaterials company, based in Vastra Frolunda, Sweden, and focused on solutions to problems in orthopedic, odontological and reconstructive surgery.
Part of the funds will be used to buy Odontological Equipment for Dentistry.
If the tissue is of human origin, mtDNA analysis can be used in conjunction with medical, anthropological, and odontological examinations to assist in the identification process.
At various times Mr Cohen was president of the Birmingham Dental Students' Society (of which he wrote a history), of the Central Counties branch of the British Dental Association and of the Odontological section of the Royal Society of Medicine.