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Requirements are therefore placed on both technical and odontological skills to ensure clinical treatment videos and dental lectures of the highest quality.
The training of dentists committed to GH and changing odontological practices is the concern of some of the founding members.
The therapeutic properties of Copaifera langsdorffii Desfon oil could be beneficial in odontological products such as intracanal pastes used for direct dental pulp capping as bacterial resistance.
A worldwide database, with open access to dental information, including dental implant and cement information is therefore a necessity for better odontological identification.
14) Por supuestol en el ambito de la ensenanza odontological por su caracter teorico-practico, estas son dos situaciones que no se podrian presentar facilmente.
Colombia), y el aceite de naranja (MAQUIRA INDUSTRY ODONTOLOGICAL PRODUCTS LTDA, Maringa, Brazil).
albicans in buccal mucosa from Portuguese children after odontological treatment and oral hygiene instruction (STARR et al.
The test group (TG) was composed of patients with positive HIV serology undergoing odontological treatment at the Centro de Atendimento a Pacientes Especiais, of the Faculdade de Odontologia, of the Universidade Paulista de Sao Paulo.
Educational Program of odontological intervention in primary prevention for children with upheavals of the autist phenomenon
Regarding the manifestations of odontological interest it is important to mention that these patients show an arcate, narrow and deep palato.
estimation of chronological age, may be required [1] The main criteria for forensic age determination in the relevant age group based on odontological examination are tooth eruption and tooth mineralization, both developmental biological features.
Last generation biomaterials to close wounds in odontological patients.
1995) of non-metric, odontological characteristics of the teeth (belonging to the so-called epigenetic variants, or 'discreta'), it appears that Talheim was a homogeneous and isolated population.