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a toothlike process at the back of 2nd vertebra of the neck

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on the corpus of the second cervical vertebra -- Posterior tangent to the odontoid
Anterior atlantoaxial subluxation (aAAS), subaxial subluxation (SAS) at the second and seventh cervical vertebrae, and erosions of the odontoid peg resulting in an apple core" deformity have been observed5.
Partial odontoid resection was then carried out, along with decompression of the cyst and resection of anterior portion of the cyst wall.
The atlantoaxial articulation was anomalous with an apparent os odontoideum and assimilation of the odontoid process ossicle with the anterior tubercle of C1.
8], the angle of the odontoid process of the cervical tube, and the general size and thickness of the osteoderms.
The vertical guide was positioned in such a way that it went through the middle of the odontoid process and the horizontal guide through the posterior wall of the nasopalatine foramen; this site was intersected at the transverse section where the horizontal guide was positioned.
Associated atlanto-axial subluxation, odontoid dysplasia and a short posterior arch of atlas can exacerbate the CV junction stenosis.
Hem otozomal dominant hem de otozomal resesif kalitim gosterebilen SED konjenita'da (8), klinik ve radyolojik bulgular genellikle yasa bagimli olup epifizlerin ortaya cikmasindaki gecikme ile birlikte hem ekstremite hem de govdede kisalik, yarik damak, basik yuz, eklem kisitliliklari, kifoskolyoz, odontoid hipoplazi, myopi, koksa vara ve valga deformiteleri gorulebilir (1,9).
Surgical stabilization of the C1-C2 motion segment is usually achieved through posterior fixation (Figure 4), but can be achieved via a single anterior odontoid screw if the dens fracture is isolated (Figure 5).
Techniques: Posterior cervical pedicle screw fixation was used for cases with unstable C1-II odontoid fracture.
The most frequent radiologic findings in elderly patients, victims of cervical SCT, are the fracture of the odontoid type II, luxation C6-C7 or C7-T1 and fracture of Jefferson (3).
17) The atlas is rotated on the odontoid, and there is no anterior displacement of the atlas in type I.
The odontoid (dens) can also be assessed on this view of fracture.
Epifizlerin ortaya cikmasinda gecikme ile govde ve ekstremitede kisalik, yarik damak, basik yuz, eklem kisitliliklari, kifoskolyoz, odontoid hipoplazi, miyopi, belirgin koksa vara, skapula karelesmesi, genu varum veya valgum ve ekinovarum deformiteleri gorulebilir (1-3).
Cervical X-rays showed basilar invagination consistent with the superior part of the odontoid proces being displaced into the foramen magnum.