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Samples of haemolymph from the odonate nymph were randomly collected during each treatment for analysis.
Some authors have approached to the high variation and complexity of Odonate morphology (e.
There were significantly more uncommon/ rare odonate species that primarily inhabited lotic habitats than lentic habitats ([chi square]=7.
Corbet (2004) discusses facultative diapause (suspended development) in odonate larvae, but only in relation to northern species and only in response to photoperiods and temperatures presaging the arrival and departure of winter.
Species composition and temporal variation of odonate assemblages in the subtropical-pampasic ecotone.
The adult odonate life is all about feeding and reproduction.
Self-proclaimed odonate (dragonfly and damselfly) enthusiasts, we'd anxiously waited for a day such as this, when dragonfly nymphs emerge from their aquatic nursery to begin the last, brief chapter of their lives.
The effect of intraspecific and interspecific interactions on perch-height preferences of three odonate taxa.
Habitat requirements also make observation more difficult than observing many other odonate species.
Few dragonfly societies have compiled as thorough an account of their odonate fauna as DragonflyIreland's The Natural History of Ireland's Dragonflies.
There are informed and informative descriptions of resident and migrant species, detailed descriptions of major odonate habitats, a gallery section illustrating and describing over fifty sites, and more.
This species of odonate appears to be extremely resistant to metals compared in general to other common aquatic test species (e.
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