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a meter that shows mileage traversed

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Jiang Yanhua, "Vehicle Motion Characteristics Constrained Visual Odometry System Research for Intelligent Vehicles," Beijing Institute of Technology,2014.
In the center, a panel shows the information provided by the odometry, the speed of each wheel, and the buttons to choose the operation mode.
The SKIF houses on-board odometry which records the distance traveled while on-board magnetometers measure and record the pipe's magnetic field.
Using a three-dimensional map preloaded into the robot, a set of laser rangefinders, and sophisticated odometry algorithms, robots can self-localize within the building in reference to the map.
It can triangulate from other features in the room, giving priority to the unchanging wall and the odometry data from its wheels, to determine its position.
Rutinas genericas de un componente RACK Clase Tipo Camera Driver Chassis Driver GPS Driver Gyro Driver Joystick Driver Ladar Driver Odometry Driver ServoDrive Driver Path Navigation Pilot Navigation Position Navigation Scan2D Navigation Scan3D Perception ObjectRecognition Perception
The US Air Force is reportedly looking to augment GPS with new precision navigation technologies, especially visual odometry.
In addition to autonomous navigation, the rovers can use visual odometry to gauge vehicle motion accurately.
It is important to remark that the original wheelchair has undergone minimal modifications: two encoders have been connected to the motors' axis to estimate the wheelchair odometry and the original battery's voltmeter, as well as the joystick line, have been bypassed to several microcontrollers placed bellow the batteries' cage.
Applanix integrated Inertial/GPS system estimates H1ghlander's location and heading by combining inertial, GPS and odometry data.
The standard GPS receiver position has been improved using inertial measurements, odometry, and optimal filtering.
Finally, the robot is able to accumulate the reconstruction of the visited environment (in the form of a 3D map) as it navigates, using odometry and tracking.
Nurses are now required to undertake odometry testing, blood testing, cholesterol testing as well as providing sickness absence management.
The vehicle is able to travel a short distance off the guide wire and return to another path, using the vehicle's on-board programming and odometry for guidance.