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a meter that shows mileage traversed

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This new data is a clear warning that consumers everywhere need to be on the lookout for odometer rollbacks and protect themselves when buying used cars.
In the past decade, auto manufacturers began installing digital odometers, hoping that it would eliminate tampering.
He said "Most purchasers of cars are ignorant of the mechanics of the car and they rely on the legitimacy of the odometer.
Arthur Simon, 81, of Simi Valley, with his wife, Bernice, tops an elite club of more than 50 Daily News readers who so far have written in to say they've racked up more than 200,000 miles on their trusty vehicles' odometers.
According to the watchdog, the two dealers either changed the readings on the odometers or replaced the odometers with different ones that indicated fewer kilometers traveled.
He says that ensuring all service history is complete, and honestly declaring mileage to appropriate agencies, are important steps to combat the market for dishonestly adjusting odometers and a proper understanding of what makes a good used car would strike at the very heart of the problem.
Colin Whittall claimed his invention could alter odometer readings for top-of-the-range cars including BMWs, Jaguars and Mercedes.
ELECTRONIC digital odometers, as fitted to BMWs, Mercs and Jags, are easily cracked.
com/research/8690f4/the_2011_import_an) has announced the addition of the "The 2011 Import and Export Market for Revolution Counters, Production Counters, Taximeters, Odometers, Pedometers, Speedometers, Tachometers, Stroboscopes, and Parts Thereof in the United States" report to their offering.
At trial, the jury heard evidence that the defendants, who bought and sold vehicles on behalf of a Cheyenne used auto dealership, purchased pickup trucks in Wyoming and surrounding states, rolled back the odometers to false, lower mileages, obtained fraudulent Wyoming titles, and then resold the trucks to auto dealers and consumers in Wyoming and Colorado.
Finney pleaded guilty to four charges of supplying vans when the odometers had been clocked and to three of providing vehicles with a false service history.
Toyota spokeswoman Denise Morrissey said it's not uncommon for Toyota owners to reach astronomical numbers on their odometers.
Ideas about honeybee odometers proposed by the great bee researcher and Nobel laureate Karl von Frisch turn out to be dead wrong, say Mandyan V.
New research results from Carfax show that the number of cars with rolled back odometers has increased 57 percent nationwide over the last four years.