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a meter that shows mileage traversed

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These titles were then given to the buyers so that the mileage on the titles matched the mileage shown on a vehicles odometer.
All units must inspect and validate 25 percent of their equipment usage data versus the equipment's actual odometer or hounneter readings.
The government entity has authorised CarPass to issue certificates of odometer accuracy," Persoon added.
Mohammed Ibrar, of Chetwynd Road, Ward End, wiped thousands of miles from the odometers of his cars and he also supplied his customers with fake service history documents.
Auto experts agree that one of the keys to keeping that odometer turning is frequent oil changes.
British Columbia's AirCare program now offers detailed emissions test and odometer information on used vehicles through its enhanced website, located at http://www.
The construction of odometer wheels can vary, with different sizes of wheels, types of handles, and units of measure.
Vehicle Replacement Optimization helps manage a client's total lifecycle cost at the vehicle level by analyzing a variety of factors, including the expected retail market, vehicle model, odometer, monthly mileage and downtime expenses.
Rims too large for your wheels can affect the mechanics of your automobile, including your odometer and anti-lack brakes.
Similarly, the LCD screen that serves as speedometer, fuel gauge, trip-meter and odometer is secreted into a deeply recessed chrome insert on top of the fuel tank.
The gyro indicates the direction of the bus and the vehicle's odometer indicates how far the bus has traveled, he said.
There are more than 450,000 cases of odometer fraud each year in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
last week sued Eugene-based Romania RV, alleging that the dealership committed unlawful trade practices and tampered with an RV's odometer.
The other side argues from analogy to the odometer: The excitement of watching a car odometer, slight as it is, comes when, for example, the numbers change from 79999 to 80000.
The miles traveled in each state, based on odometer readings or other means.