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a poet who writes odes

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This odist will have none of the pathology of "melancholy fits" indexed in Robert Burton's sublime treatise, The Anatomy of Melancholy, the very phrase appearing therein dozens of times.
The odist takes this aesthetic to erotic extravagance (in his dreams
In "The Unknown Eros" Patmore then turns to a second astronomical metaphor to express the lingering effect of the odist having been touched momentarily by the mysterious breeze of cosmic Eros:
The blood of the odist is disturbed, lifted like the planet Uranus, by "the existence of an exterior, and hitherto undiscovered, planet, disturbing, according to the received laws of planetary disturbance, the motion of Uranus by its attraction" (Herschel, p.
The drive to extend the capacity of discernment and to figure that extension in a suitably unhindered poetic form characterizes the Romantic odist, Curran suggests, whereas the Romantic hymnist aims for complete absorption in his object of praise.
Romantic odes, on the other hand, are an exception, for modern critics tend to give odists unusually free compositional reign.
The Odist is confident of the ultimate victory of the gospel over all those who oppose it.
According to the Odist, blessed are the ministers who carry this life-giving water to the dying.
People interested in joining the FAS committee, especially from Bell Green and Henley Green, should attend the next meeting at Hall Green Meth- odist Church, Roseberry Avenue, at 10am next Wednesday.
Although, I would imagine that signing to East West subsidiary (and home of fellow par odists The Darkness),Must Destroy Music Records,and touring with Super Furry Animals and The Streets,has probably upped their shag gability quotient more than exponentially.