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in an offensive and hateful manner

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Just a decade before the Hawaii litigants filed their case, the Supreme Court had ruled on a legal challenge to Louisiana's odiously chauvinistic Head and Master law, which gave a husband complete control over all jointly owned marital property.
That weld of sensibility was later bequeathed to all manner of English Cold Warrior, counter-revolutionary and racist political leaders like Winston Churchill, and to the upper classes in British society like the insufferable Crawleys of Downton Abbey, whose odiously long dinners were attended to by docile "servants" resigned to their lowly socio-economic fate downstairs.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Tribute 9 Lodge 10 Rural 11 Armrest 12 Hot 13 Odiously 16 Footpath 17 Sot 19 Ravioli 21 Balti 22 Lover 23 Nudists DOWN: 1 Starchy 2 Libretto 3 Null 4 Plymouth 5 Edge 6 Petty 8 Examination 13 Outboard 14 Listless 15 At first 18 Drily 20 Viva 21 Beds QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Stick insect 8 Tie 9 Err 11 Italics 12 Mania 13 Get 14 Top 15 Filling 17 Tin 19 Used 21 Orgy 23 Stye 25 Sari 27 Ail 29 Matinee 31 Ash 34 Dot 36 Khaki 37 Bedtime 38 Yet 39 Vex 40 Delivery van DOWN: 1 Site 2 Teat 3 Ceiling 4 Insole 5 Simon 6 Cent 7 Trio 8 Tight 10 Rapid 16 Guy 18 Nor 20 Sea 22 Rim 24 Tuesday 25 Shaky 26 Nibble 28 Latex 30 Alibi 32 Shed 33 Hate 34 Diva 35 Omen
On a case-by-case basis, the policy space to achieve development may be reduced if measures are unexpected, arbitrary, or odiously discriminatory.
50) When we reach the harassment of Lancaster on the way to his execution, the chronicler almost avoids verbs altogether in favour of nouns, reluctantly mentioning 'the insults and taunts, the indignities and abuse heaped and hurled odiously upon him'.
Nor would many in GCC countries have been able to anticipate the effect of terrorists who claimed, odiously, to be acting in the name of Islam.
Through no fault of its own it would have to have the slur of illegitimacy all its life, and I can't tell you how odiously cruel and vicious children can be" and she warns Rosamund that "a baby isn't just something you can have just because you feel you ought" (Drabble, 1998; 87).
Lily and company had been watching him, their elbows leaning on the closed coffee bar, their jaws odiously hanging.
gloss over the extent to which the Civil War enshrined industrial capitalism, the subordination of the states to the federal behemoth, and such odiously statist innovations as conscription, the jailing of war critics, and the income tax.
12) On Priestley Jameson modeled the character of the odiously self-promoting writer William Ridley, whose books, says her alter ego Hervey Russell, "are crammed like sausages with the beliefs, irrelevant or fraudulent, of comfortable people" (Love in Winter 253).
Behind the seemingly blatant and odiously straightforward abuse of the CBI, however, is a stranger -- and more twisted-- tale of butch SUVs, rich politicians, an overzealous CBI, and a napping Centre.
Many generations have found science so odiously dull that they are now indifferent - even hostile - to a subject that stands at the very pinnacle of human understanding and progress.
The tweet provoked an impassioned response, both on Twitter and by journalists who saw the comment as odiously anti-Semitic.
BP was the first to cut off supplies; that came when BP was viewed odiously in the United States shortly after one of its oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico exploded.
Mr B recalls receiving a frosty letter from one odiously pompous little Liverpool councillor who filled the first three lines of his epistle with all the titles and special responsibilities he was afforded.