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Synonyms for odoriferous

morally offensive

having a natural fragrance

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However, Brett further reduces the vinylphenols by a vinylphenol reductase to form the more odiferous ethylphenols that we associate with this wine fault.
These include increased nitrogen loads, production of odiferous compounds and struvite (a precipitate that can clog pipes, pumps, and equipment), buildup of volatile acids that can prevent the digester running smoothly, and undesirable changes in the quality and characteristics of the residual digestate.
873-874]) about the "pungency" of the poet's corpse, we might interpret this narrative end as the final travesty of Sordello, become odiferous compost.
22) The first of these anti-Spanish comments described the way Spain had changed under the pressure of the tourist trade: where previously bikinis were not allowed on the beach, now people even made love openly, "in the warm, treacherous, increasingly odiferous waters--sometimes copulating as openly as cats and dogs.
Thus, Lugo successfully assigns certain qualities of his ceramics into a high culture that either fawns over certain historical facets or else turns its back on odiferous, but significant and cultural explicitness.
But an odiferous offense isn't the only NEP unit that has failed to live up to expectations early in the season.
A woman's crotch is both the site of the ripping creation of new moons poised over a well of reproductive waters and of odiferous and bloody desires, evoking links between individual and collectivity in the two poems we publish here.
freight train and asked Clem for work, was washing Clem's new phaeton before he began mucking out the stalls and dumping the results on the odiferous manure pile in the alley.
This sequence was also used in the entrance lobby to add a high percentage of outside air there upon a particularly odiferous situation.
Alliumd are among the most odiferous ingredients in the kitchen.
Garlic This odiferous root plant has been shown to have a bevy of health benefits when eaten fresh, (rather than aged or in supplement form).
Due to the upward shift of pH, these amines create an exfoliation of vaginal squamous epithelial cells that becomes part of the odiferous discharge, one of the four symptoms observed in BV (see below).
He climbed onto the van's bench seat between the odiferous, blood-flushed, ill-tempered, funhouse-mirrored Poles.
It was like a skunk at a garden party, and to a large segment of the tax-exempt sector, the testimony at this summer's congressional hearing had to have been odiferous.
10) Similarly, there are fewer words to describe smell experience than there are for all other sensory experiences; in English, Herz identifies these as "stench, stink, redolent, aromatic, pungent, fragrant, smelly, odiferous, and scented" (58).