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Synonyms for oddness

the parity of odd numbers (not divisible by two)

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eccentricity that is not easily explained


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Thankfully, Jane Goldman's script always finds its way back to the heartrending growing pains of the children, and that's an oddness all of us can appreciate.
The fact that Pacquiao has personally picked Bradley over the younger, very dangerous and unbeaten WBO light welterweight titleholder Terence Crawford adds to the predicted oddness of the third encounter.
In recent years, it's also become a mantra for supporting locally owned businesses that maintain the city's endearing oddness.
SEPIA-tinted, poetic pop with |just a hint of Jake Thackray and folky, mercurial oddness take to the stage at Eaglescliffe venue The Waiting Room on Sunday, when The Winter Hill Transmission and Ben Hopkinson perform.
The oddness of English idiom is treated in 'Speech Balloon', where the ubiquitous use of the phrase 'Over the Moon' becomes a thing of wonder, and then reappears most movingly in 'I Swear', in which a young woman who 'turned up from Bombay/too prissy to be rude' is taught vulgar idioms which echo in her mind after the man, who made them both laugh by teaching her, is gone.
But Mulvey's wearing the oddness well, even if the downbeat "Remember the Milkman?
There were some veterans who, having spent nightmarish days under heavy bombing, with slaughter all around them, recalled the dazzling oddness of getting back to England and seeing cricket being played under the very same blue skies that, just 30 miles away, Stukas were screaming down from.
In spite of the skillfully explained evolutionary concepts, what maybe most memorable to readers is the vast oddness of other species' genitals.
Director of Al-Arabia Channel Office in Bahrain and head correspondents, journalist Mohammad Al-Arab, will address the main factors contribute to the formation of news, including instantaneousness, importance, conflict, oddness, personal and public interest, key aspects for making a report and the voter and candidate's rights and the message intended to be delivered to voters psychologically.
A psychedelic rollercoaster ride to the outer realms of oddness, it's less a case of wondering what the makers were thinking as to questioning what they were on.
Paradoxically, it may be theology's very oddness and the offensive scandal that it represents to the present-day, politically correct consensus that make it especially important to the world of scholarship at the university.
Ike Barinholtz, another improv vet, has a big part on her show, and fittingly heightens Kaling's oddness to great comic effect.
As Opening Day commences, the biggest change you see (other than the oddness of seeing the Houston Astros as an American League team), is the fact that a new video display consumes the entire right center-field.
She takes full advantage of that style to communicate the eerie quality of IT's world, the terror that presses down on the children from the moment they first set foot in IT's territory, Meg's self-consuming doubt, the oddness of travel between worlds, and even Charles' odd status as child-who-isn't-a-child.