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It averages 24.8 mpg and it's sadly not a practical family car - you need the four-seater Aston Martin Rapide S for that - as the two tiny rear seats are more for accommodating oddments than people.
In addition, a pretty decent boot provides some 450 litres of stowage space in the neatly squared off luggage bay with all seats taken while some thoughtful storage areas on board include a centre console CD store, oddments tray atop the dash, plus cup and bottle holders.
Internees gathered scrap wood, metal, and other oddments to create the inkwells, chairs, jewelry, and sketches showcased in The Art of Gaman (roughly "suffering with dignity") at the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C., through January 30, 2011.
She selects from her basket a sequence of oddments and returns them one
AGAINST: Parking blind spots, interior lacks oddments space, not cheap; cruise control really should be standard
It also represents GAM mission to uphold the environmental and healthy aspects around Amman, by a ban on the dumping of refuse and oddments of public works.
Heating and ventilation is straightforward and efficient while the oddments room should satisfy most users.
My name / legible, formal, / abrupt") contains no secrets or tangible tokens of love but only oddments the poet has forgotten to pack, dispatched for "tying up loose ends." Although it has not yet reached full poetic maturity, this voice deserves to be widely heard.
Both rear backrests fold flat to form a cargo deck and there's a fair-sized boot plus a stowage box and sliding oddments drawer.
Porter's prose has a charmed quality, comprised as it is of subtle syncopation, incantatory syntax, and bracing diction, which even in the simplest descriptive passages can transport: "Nothing much here under the power lines humming in the lucency--bottle caps and such oddments, scraps, bones, ribbons and what not strewn among clumps of old wild dead grass and some green sprouting through, but little refuse." His prose is often tinctured with near-ludicrous imagery--"The cat groomed his wrist with its tiny rough tongue down into the palm, along the destiny line still welted from carpal tunnel surgery"--suggesting a suffusive wryness reminiscent of Tom Robbins.
In contrast, Maria Eichhorn's work doesn't lend itself easily to the retrospective format: Her interventions in social and economic situations--selling secondhand oddments to fund a refurbishment program or handing out free rail tickets at Leipzig's central station--are essentially site-specific and unrepeatable.
(Not since "The Blair Witch Project" have twigs been deployed to such portentous and ultimately anticlimactic effect.) Cavorting among these oddments of furniture are an equally odd assortment of performers, some distinctly more talented than others.
But despite the prolixity these asides add to the attractions of the book, on Gothic architecture, Napoleon's pistols, the Pantheon in Paris, portes-cochire, the Elgin marbles, what became of the tree under which Wellington directed the batle, and of that |murderous instrument' that did such bloody work on the aristos on the Place de la Concorde, and many more recherche oddments. More relevant are the vignettes of the illustrious personages Scott met en route.
It proves to be a meandering, roughly chronological story in which myth, folk tale, fiction, doctrinal exegesis, and documented event mingle cheerfully (together with external oddments) in an undifferentiated world of fact, metaphor, and meta-history.