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Synonyms for oddly

Synonyms for oddly

in a manner differing from the usual or expected

in a strange manner

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y e temp s wife who, oddly with the actor's girlfriend.
Harold, unusually, seems oddly unconcerned about the whole sorry affair.
Supposedly, they are there to work on a video game, to follow the mindless orders of marketing managers to put a turtle, oddly enough, into a skateboarding simulator.
Here, an undulating band weaves a mustard-color taxi, a redbrick facade, and a pair of ethereal lovers into an oddly resonant melange of historical scenes from Victorian England to the present.
Many questions surrounded the oddly illustrated work, named for discoverer William Voynich, as cryptologists around the world worked to find a key.
The 150 Psalms are narrated in the language of the King James Bible; among the Psamls are well-known, inspirational verses; darker lines about punishment and revenge; and some oddly indulgent writings that appear to be focused upon David.
Rosebush had a prior criminal record, but oddly enough, he had never been previously convicted for home invasions.
But critics have objected to oddly shaped majority-minority districts that ended up resembling snakes or inkblots as states attempted to group together blocs of minority voters.
Oddly enough, TV preacher Pat Robertson was one of the first critics to warn that this might happen.
Oddly enough, my Bible maps include Ireland and Denmark but go only as far south as Thebes and, in one insert, Ethiopia.
Oddly, the current Epsilon platform shared between the Opel Vectra and Saab [9.
Oddly, although Microsoft lets you print a watermark in Word, it offers no solution in Excel.
I happened to be listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio some two or three weeks ago, and oddly enough he provided a breakdown very similar to yours on the weaknesses of the Democratic machine.
But oddly enough it is quite calm, as if he does his best work in the eye of a hurricane, smiling just a little at all the ruckus.
Oddly, nobody has written more eloquently on many of these abuses than Cathy Young.