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(a leaf shape) pinnate with a single leaflet at the apex

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Thus, the spines have been interpreted as: (a) as an odd-pinnately compound leaf in which each leaflet is reduced to a spine (Schmidt, 1928); (b) a dual organ in which the central spine would correspond to the lamina, and the lateral ones to the stipules (e.g., Bell, 1991, 2008); (c) as transformed branches in which the lateral spines would represent reduced leaves, and the central spine would represent an unfolded and reduced short shoot (Croizat, 1960); or (d) as outgrowth from single epidermal cells (Harvey-Gibson & Horsman, 1919).
LEAF DESCRIPTION: ODD-PINNATELY COMPOUND, 6" to 12" overall, 5 to 9 leaflets (usually 7), leaflets 3" to 5" long and one-third as wide, leaflets narrow ovate to lanceolate shape with serrated margins (entire at base), with long acuminate tips and acute to cuneate bases.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: ODD-PINNATELY COMPOUND, each leaflet 3" to 6" long and 1 1/4" to 2 1/2" wide, ovate-lanceolate shape with acuminate tip and very finely serrated margins.