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a man skilled in various odd jobs and other small tasks

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That's where generations of Cardiff families spent Christmas Day in the Workhouse (or, to be accurate, In the Workhouse: Christmas Day), written by a journalistic odd-jobber George R Sims in 1879, seven years after Dickens died, leaving behind an Oliver inspired by his own workhouse childhood.
Bewdley-based children's animation house InspireGLG is behind GMTV's Odd-Jobbers, a new 26-episode animation series for pre-school children.
Created using computer-generated imagery, Odd-Jobbers made its debut on GMTV's Wakey Wakey pre-school block earlier this month.
Both Odd-Jobbers and Boblins will also be broadcast on CITV and ITV4.
Odd-Jobbers is proving to be a success around the world and is already airing in Canada and has also been sold to broadcasters across Europe and the Middle East.
Odd-Jobbers follows the adventures of four slightly odd, but very friendly, characters known as the Mendits.
In the past, prisoners who had been trained as motor mechanics, or plumbers, or bricklayers, or any of the trades, tended to become little more than odd-jobbers, because they didn't know how to charge their customers for services rendered, or run a business.
OLD people's homes, schools and some offices have odd-jobbers who earn around pounds 10,200.
POLICE are warning about odd-jobbers believed to be preying on the elderly and charging extortionate prices.