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not regular or skilled

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She said: "We believe he initially visited the victim offering his services as an odd-job man.
I am innocent but the magistrates preferred to take the word of a titled lady rather than that of an odd-job man.
Neighboring retailers on the busy pedestrian corridor include a Century 21 Department Store, Modell's Sporting Goods, Odd-Job, David's Bridal, The Wiz and Lane Bryant.
And I'm sure you ladies appreciated the sight of shirtless odd-job man Martin (Richard Coyle) fiddling with her overheated Aga just as much.
But this was marred by a net drop in handouts, down five per cent, and odd-job earnings, down four per cent.
Before he took up acting, Andrew Kazamia was a real odd-job man.
Smith, 35, says she started the business after seeing a television news segment that focused on women with successful odd-job businesses.
Handyman franchisees offer repair, maintenance and odd-job services to both residential and commercial customers.
The odd-job man, working in Batley, West Yorks, said: "I just saw the bloody stump.
Britain's junior odd-job economy is worth pounds 696million a year as youngsters earn money doing everything from car washing to lawn mowing.
TWO men who worked as the gardener and odd-job man running a cannabis 'factory' in Nuneaton have been jailed.
IAN Hart stars as a Scottish Sinatra wannabe called Toni Cocozza who becomes an odd-job man for local mobsters when they give his career a boost.
We told how self-confessed "sexual deviant" Willie Allan had a work placement as an odd-job man at St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh.
The dead odd-job man's sister Jackie, 42, said: "We're devastated.
It followed the revelation that the odd-job man they want to quiz over her disappearance is convicted child rapist Peter Tobin.