oculomotor nerve

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supplies extrinsic muscles of the eye

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Neurological disorders, with predominant motor or mental deficit (motor weakness, obliviousness, disorientation or depression) and paresis of oculomotor nerves, were observed in 4 patients (10.
The most frequently found signs for hemangiomas in the literature are involvement of the oculomotor nerves.
As a sinonasal tumor infiltrates surrounding structures, it gives rise to additional symptoms, such as diplopia or loss of vision as the mass compresses or invades the orbit or directly affects the optic or oculomotor nerves.
Motor nerve schwannomas arising from the oculomotor nerve are very rare.
8 (AP x T x CC) mm located along the long axis of the proximal most part of the cisternal segment of the R oculomotor Nerve.
DIAGNOSIS: Right sided acquired incomplete, pupil involving, isolated oculomotor nerve palsy due to tumor (schwannoma) in the cisternal part of the nerve.
DISCUSSION: Isolated oculomotor nerve schwannoma without neurofibromatosis is uncommon, with only about 38 documented patients, most of whom are adults.