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Haslwanter, "Reduction of ocular muscle torque by splitting of the rectus muscle II: technique and results," British Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.
Another mechanism suggested in Graves' ophthalmopathy is that the autoantigen called calsequestrin derived from ocular muscles serves as a target of autoimmunity [5].
Patients of African genetic ancestry, particularly juveniles, are more likely to develop ocular muscle complications of MG when compared to their European counterparts.
At the age of 13 months, she was seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist, whose examination found a steady and maintained gaze in both eyes in addition to the prominent left head turn (figure 1, A), a position that is often adopted by a child with ocular muscle misalignment to avoid double vision.
(3) reported that all muscles innerved by the third, fourth and sixth cranial nerves were involved in a case of ocular muscle paralysis which occured with bite of an Europa viper.
Pediatric orbital floor fracture: Direct extra- ocular muscle involvement.
Regular ocular exams including vision check, extra ocular muscle exam, intraocular pressure measurement, optic disc evaluation and visual field testing should be performed.
Myoplasties of extra ocular muscle may cause adhesions between the operated muscle and the adjacent tissues, allowing the occurrence of oculomotor dysfunctions and cicatricial strabismus (CRUZ, 1996).
Also, having the patient gaze downward for a sustained time to elicit the Cogan's lid twitch sign is part of the evaluation for ocular muscle fatigue.
BOSTON -- Intermittent disconjugate gaze, a form of intermittent ocular muscle dysfunction, is a feature of the nonalcoholic steatohepatitis syndrome, according to a study of 119 consecutive outpatients with a variety of liver diseases.
However, if the ocular muscle or even the optic nerve is invaded, the symptoms can be serious.[sup][4],[5] In rare cases, ocular venous malformation can affect the orbital bone.[sup][6] In general, ocular venous malformation is believed to be benign, but its invasive behavior can also lead to ocular dysfunction and even blindness.
In another published case, similar to the present case, in which bilateral ptosis with ocular muscle involvement developed in response to a cumulative dose of vincristine, symptoms improved over a three-week treatment course of pyridostigmine and pyridoxine.
Some minor infarctions at the midbrain which resulted in localized paralysis like weakness of a single extra ocular muscle (121, isolated contralateral superior rectus palsy (13) have been demonstrated previously.
Negative prognostic indicators include multiple extra ocular muscle avulsion, corneo-sceral rupture and hyphema.
Priglinger, "Reduction of ocular muscle power by splitting of the rectus muscle I: biomechanics," The British Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.