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(anatomy) the base of a hollow organ or that part of the organ farthest from its opening

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(a) Ocular fundus photograph shows focal diabetic macular edema accompanied by a hard exudate ring.
Changes of vessels in ocular fundus following intravenous injection of ET-1 in rats were investigated.
Four groups of patients were distinguished, depending on the character and extent of degenerative lesions observed in the ocular fundus. Group I consisted of 32 patients (23 women and 9 men; 45.7%), aged 21-67 years (34.5 [+ or -] 15.2), without evident degenerative lesions in the ocular fundus.
The patients' ocular fundus examination was conducted by the same physician (B.B.) at the Ophthalmology Clinic of our hospital.
Ocular fundus study discloses vascular changes with abundant soft exudates compromising posterior pole, half inferior of the retina as well as its super-temporal periphery (Photo 1).
(1) A readily obtained digital image of the ocular fundus in most patients makes good sense when fundal examination is poorly performed in primary care facilities.
provide an illustrated guide to angiography of the ocular fundus for the diagnosis of posterior segment diseases.
After completing the imaging protocol, the imager educated the participant about the importance of optimal blood glucose and blood pressure control and demonstrated to the participant the basic anatomical structures of the ocular fundus, indicating the optic nerve, macula, and retinal blood vessels.
The ocular fundus findings in dengue fever [article in Chinese].
After one or two days of training, an operator can obtain high-quality, telemedicine ready stereo images of the ocular fundus. The resolutions of the images are limited by the diffraction and aberrations of the patient's eye.
Ocular fundus imaging has proved to be invaluable in the documentation of posterior segment diseases among animals.
Ocular fundus manifestation of two patients following long-term chloroquine therapy: a case report.
Guan4 reported that the prevalence of blindness and low vision in adults aged =50 years were mainly caused by cataract, ocular fundus disease, refractive error, and cornea disease in Qidong City of Jiangsu.