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someone whose age is in the eighties

being from 80 to 89 years old

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By the third season's end, viewers learnt "her" is an ailing, octogenarian Rebecca Pearson (Moore), the matriarch of the family.
Also commiserating with Governor Finitiri, former President Goodluck Jonathan prayed that God should bless the soul of the late octogenarian and comfort the Governor and his family members.
The post Police looking for missing octogenarian appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Taking the lead from activists in Isloo, Karachi's artistic advocates of improved governance have painted portraits of the octogenarian who has Sinned on the road, next to broken manholes.
The eligibility criteria of the subjects were age greater than 18 years, providing care for an octogenarian as an informal caregiver, and not presenting any apparent cognitive problem that could compromise the completion of the research instruments.
I mean, PS55 does not seem such an outlandish request, even if the octogenarian dad is only going to spend it on wine, women and song.
A Bangladeshi houseboy has been sentenced to one year in jail for beating up the octogenarian Emirati he was hired to look after.
He might not like it" Octogenarian Brenda Bercow, mother of Commons Speaker John Bercow.
The 11-year-old from Coombe Park Road, Binley, won his first match for Dunlop C bowls team back in May when he was ten, beating Copsewood B's octogenarian Denis Knowles 21-9.
Whether or not an octogenarian, all patients who underwent cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) suffer from the SIRS induced by contact of blood with non-physiological surfaces during CPB, surgical trauma, ischemia-reperfusion in various organs, changes in body temperature, complement activation, endotoxin, leucocyte activation as a result of release of cytokine and adhesion molecules, free oxygen radicals, arachidonic acid metabolites, platelet activating factor, and formation of substances like nitric oxide and endothelin.
Two groups of patients were included: those aged >80 years (octogenarian group), and a cohort aged 60-70 years (younger group).
A thrill-seeking Japanese octogenarian said his third assault on Mount Everest will be the "ultimate anti-ageing" remedy, despite his recurring heart troubles.
Karunanidhi on Saturday said, " It would be difficult for its members to continue to occupy ministerial berths at the Centre if it failed to join the popular chorus for an international probe into the genocide in the island nation." The octogenarian observed that New Delhi was still ambivalent on pressing for a credible independent probe against those responsible for the genocide of the Tamils at the ongoing UN Human Rights Council meeting at Geneva.
The brewster Victoria Stippa is shortly to move to Austria to take up a new job and has brewed this oneoff beer in honour of octogenarian pub regular Norman Tandy, who has been a CAMRA member since the 1970s.