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Synonyms for octave

a feast day and the seven days following it

a musical interval of eight tones

a rhythmic group of eight lines of verse

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Horn: In older editions, horn parts in bass clef are almost always written an octave lower than their transposition would dictate.
Now with the proper emphasis on celebrating the octave, we have so much more to look forward to.
After a frustrating series of seconds, Octave comes into this contest off victories in the Mother Goose Stakes and Coaching Club American Oaks and is bidding to become the ninth filly to sweep New York's three top three-year-old fillies' races.
It uses the VTK (Visualization Toolkit) classes of Octave to draw commonly used 3D graphs, such as 3D surface, contours or 3D mesh using OpenGL library.
The authors detail the methods to implement OCTAVE, create threat profiles, conduct a risk analysis, develop strategy, and so on.
Rodolphe d'Erlanger commented: "The fundamental idea of the system promoted by this reformer [Mishaqa] consists of attributing a uniform value to all of the twenty-four intervals in the octave.
Though most parishes keep their weekly Masses simple to allow working parishioners to get to work, the church actually calls us to celebrate every day in the octave with the same spirit with which we celebrate Christmas Day itself.
Extrapolating from OCTAVE and other trials, if 10,000 high-risk hypertensive patients were treated for 1 year with omapatrilat, 206 cardiovascular events would be expected.
The delivery of the Octave conferencing solution as part of o3sis' extensive group functionality infrastructure provides a tremendous endorsement for the Octave product family," said Ron Elwell, CEO, Octave Communications.
The team at Octave Software is experienced, knowledgeable and driven.
Octave Communications, a Nashua-based leader in instant group communications, has announced new mobility applications that enable wireless carriers and service providers to offer enterprises and consumers a host of new subscription services for instant group communications.
This first demonstration of an optical clock with a microwave output, reported in the August 3 issue of Science, involves an optical frequency standard coupled to a new optical-frequency synthesizer that bridges an octave in the optical spectrum and provides for a direct microwave output that is phase locked to the optical standard.
Thomas Otten: Close to Silence (Higher Octave Music OMCD 47730)
Because the amount of absorption depends on frequency, the absorption is usually given for the octave bands between 125 Hz to 4000 Hz.
Most singers are limited to a range of an octave or two--maybe 16 consecutive whole notes, max.