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Synonyms for octave

a feast day and the seven days following it

a musical interval of eight tones

a rhythmic group of eight lines of verse

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These findings, along with the previously released positive induction data from the OCTAVE studies, are encouraging and provide evidence that tofacitinib, if approved, has the potential to be an effective new oral treatment option that both induces and maintains remission.
There are countless examples in his music where Beethoven easily could have written octaves but chose to write unison instead.
Scheduled to begin this month at multiple UK cancer centres, OCTAVE is a phase I/II clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of
It creates a relatively flat sound spectrum and is used to determine the room attenuation in each octave band.
It fails, however, to take into account a major stumbling block to such a reading: namely, that Octave, when speaking with his friend M.
Chapter 5 of Le Docteur Pascal (1893) provides us with resumes of the nineteen preceding novels, but in those lines on the Octave Mouret story, Caroline does not receive a single mention.
Octave Pavy's body was thrown into a crevasse in the ice.
Note also that most of these items affect only the octave, so errors are easily overlooked and, as a practical matter, are not particularly serious, though octave errors can easily result in mistakes in identifying the outer voices.
En el mismo instante en que Octave establece las leyes de la hospitalidad sabemos que el nombre Roberte es algo mas que una identidad gramatical.
Octave analysis filters the signal and measures the energy at the output to provide useful frequency information.
Pope John Paul II understood this very well and established a special feast on that octave Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday, so that all may receive in great abundance.
IN THE absence of Rags To Riches, ruled out after a minor setback, trainer Todd Pletcher has called up a more than able deputy in Octave for today's Alabama Stakes at Saratoga, writes Dan Farley.
Ray, who is 50 per cent of Solihull's Octave Tinkling Twosome, has teamed up with musical pal Simon Pretty to record a CD, A Sense of Freedom, in aid of Acorns Childrens Hospice branches at Worcester, Walsall, and Selly Oak, Birmingham.
Octaviz is add-on graphical packages enabling plotting results of numerical computation in GNU Octave in 3D.
Octave (6-1 on Churchill Downs' morning line) and jockey Garrett Gomez start the day right for trainer Todd Pletcher, who entered a record 17 horses in the Breeders' Cup races.